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Economic crisis benefits far-right recruiting

June 2009

The stated message of nationwide “Tea Bag” demonstrations on tax day was to protest President Obama’s tax plan. But they revealed a more sinister purpose. In times of economic crisis, the political right builds its movement through racist scapegoating. Tea Bag photos flaunted picket signs referring to “Osama Obama,” and blaming “illegal immigrants” for the… Read more »

Stamping out the seeds of fascism

December 2009

Far-right political commentators these days spout blatant bigotry in mainstream media without blinking. “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?” sneers Rush Limbaugh of Fox News. “The invasion of illegal aliens is threatening the health of many Americans,” rants Lou Dobbs, late of CNN. These “entertainers” are not… Read more »

Cómo eliminar las semillas del fascismo

diciembre de 2009

Los comentadores de la extrema derecha inundan los medios de comunicación convencionales con descarados comentarios prejuiciosos. “¿Se han dado cuenta de que todos los retratos compuestos de fotos de criminales buscados se parecen a Jesse Jackson?”, declara con desprecio Rush Limbaugh de Fox News. “La invasión de extranjeros ilegales es una amenaza para la salud… Read more »

“Reforma” migratoria — los anteproyectos federales ameritan más protestas que la ley racista de Arizona

junio de 2010

En abril, Arizona aprobó su discriminatoria ley de migración SB 1070 y 20 días después prohibió los estudios étnicos en las escuelas. Desde entonces se ha producido un pandemonio. El anteproyecto del Senado 1070 exige que la policía determine la condición migratoria de cualquiera que “sospeche” de no tener papeles. Esto lógicamente provoca que la… Read more »

Federal immigration “reform” deserve same protests as racist Arizona law

June 2010

Arizona passed its discriminatory immigration law SB 1070 in April, and 20 days later banned ethnic studies in schools. Since then all hell has broken loose. Senate Bill 1070 requires police to determine the immigration status of anyone they “suspect” lacks legal standing. This guarantees that people of color and those with Spanish accents will… Read more »

Massive Los Angeles protest drowns out Nazis

June 2010

A small band of swastika-bedecked Nazis announced they would rally on April 17 in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate Hitler’s birthday. Their party was a bust, however, when they were greeted by a rainbow of over 2,000 taunting and chanting protesters. Los Angelinos of all races and nationalities showed up with banners and picket signs…. Read more »

Anti-immigrant laws — and opposition to them — spread across the country

October 2010

Economic crisis fuels racist scapgoating. Arizona’s legislative broadside against immigrants triggered a nationwide tsunami of similar proposals. A network of xenophobes churned out legislation and called for constitutional change — accompanied by racist stereotypes of Latino immigrants — aimed at marginalizing over 12 million working people. But, in defiance of racist apartheid, massive opposition from… Read more »

What to do if the FBI comes knocking

December 2010

Residents of the U.S. have the right to freedom of association and to organize without government interference. But the FBI routinely stomps on the Constitution in its rush to intimidate and harass activists. Being prepared to assert your rights is half the battle when facing down agents of government repression. The other half is to… Read more »

United resistance pushes back against FBI raids and grand jury

December 2010

Update:War on terror? Nope, it’s a war on dissent, as the feds raid anti-war groups’ offices and homes and open a grand jury witch hunt. And, since the FS went to press, the government has delivered subpoenas to nine additional Midwest activists – bringing the total to 23. For more information see: Committee to Stop… Read more »

Editorial: Video game McCarthyism

December 2010

Apparently, there’s nothing like long winter nights (and the prospect of holiday sales!) to make video game developers dream of reviving the Cold War. A new game — “Call of Duty: Black Ops” — is set on military battlegrounds in Cuba, Vietnam and the Soviet Union. At one point, the player joins the Bay of… Read more »