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Es necesario un movimiento organizado para arrasar con las Naciones Arias

octubre de 1999

Un movimiento anti-nazi está floreciendo en Idaho a pesar de los airados esfuerzos para envenenarlo que están haciendo las autoridades y los activistas de derechos humanos que se oponen a la acción directa. El 10 de julio, mil personas se congregaron en el centro de Coeur d’Alene para hacer frente a un desfile de Richard… Read more »

It takes a movement to raze the Nazis

October 1999

An anti-Nazi movement is flowering in Idaho, despite fervent efforts to poison it by authorities and by human rights activists opposed to direct action. On July 10, a thousand people poured into downtown Coeur d’Alene to counter a parade by Richard Butler’s Aryan Nations. The loud, effective protest showed that in the battle over how… Read more »


January 2002

CHICAGO Anti-gay-bashing network thinks globally The Chicago Anti-Bashing Network (CABN) took a stand against the war on Afghanistan shortly before the U.S. began to bomb. CABN formed in 1998 in response to attacks against gay men in Chicago’s Lakeview area. Our slogan has always been, “An Attack Upon One Is an Attack Against All.” We… Read more »

Against anti-Semitism and against Zionism

October 2002

IN WASHINGTON, D.C. on April 20, a huge march for peace and justice combined a historically diverse array of opponents to the Israeli war against the Palestinians. Not surprisingly, some friction ensued. One flashpoint was picket signs showing the Star of David and the swastika connected by an equal sign, which angered or alienated many… Read more »

Biography of human-rights organizer glorifies liberalism

June 2004

Common Courage is reporter Andrea Vogt’s adoring profile of Bill Wassmuth, a Catholic priest and opponent of white supremacy who became even more outspoken after his Idaho home was bombed in 1986. A year later, Wassmuth left the priesthood and helped to launch the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment. He led the liberal wing of… Read more »

Busting the bigots: Oregon protesters shut down Nazi skinheads

February 2005

On January 8, the Tualatin Valley Skinheads (TVS) planned to gather for a recruitment drive at Gabriel Park in Southwest Portland, Oregon. The neo-Nazis intended to wrap racist leaflets around rocks and then throw them onto the lawns of nearby homes. It is no coincidence that TVS targeted their message of bigotry at a diverse… Read more »

¡Unidos contra los vigilantes de las fronteras!

octubre de 2005

Una pandilla malévola se está concentrando a lo largo de la frontera de EEUU y México para parar la inmigración de indocumentados. Dichos bravucones armados, llamados el Proyecto de los Milicianos (Minuteman Project), están decididos a superar a la Patrulla Fronteriza de EEUU, la cual consideran que no está haciendo bien su trabajo — a… Read more »

Unite against the border vigilantes!

October 2005

A nasty crew is gathering along the U.S.-Mexico border to try to stop undocumented immigration. These armed thugs, called the Minuteman Project, are determined to one-up the U.S. Border Patrol, which they consider is falling asleep on the job — despite a 60 percent boost in government forces since 1993. This has increased the numbers… Read more »

Union clout needed to stop the police state

August 2006

As I watch the rising sun and hear robins in the early morning of a lovely summer day, I wonder at the contrast between the apparent placidity of nature and the headlines in my newspaper: assaults on civil liberties, wars of destruction, the tightening of the vise against Palestine. Did the Third Reich also appear… Read more »

La persistente plaga del anti-semitismo: de dónde proviene y cómo pararla

octubre de 2006

Hoy día, la imagen de Mel Gibson borracho es el rostro del anti-semitismo. Después de su rotunda negación de que La pasión de Cristo, su obra de amor cinematográfica, estuvo influida por el anti-semitismo, su disparate en el sentido de que los “judíos provocan todas las guerras del mundo” creó una fuerte reacción. Pero la… Read more »