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Editorial: Video game McCarthyism

December 2010

Apparently, there’s nothing like long winter nights (and the prospect of holiday sales!) to make video game developers dream of reviving the Cold War. A new game — “Call of Duty: Black Ops” — is set on military battlegrounds in Cuba, Vietnam and the Soviet Union. At one point, the player joins the Bay of… Read more »

Sit down and shut up: the Patriot Act renewed

August 2011

By now it should be clear to all thinking people that the U.S. Patriot Act has nothing to do with protecting the public from terrorists, and everything to do with protecting this nation’s ruling elite from we the people. When Obama signed the renewal of the act for four more years on May 26, it… Read more »

Why the united front is the best weapon against modern-day Nazis

December 2011

Earlier this year, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the radical right, noted that extremist groups have “expanded explosively.” Since 2008 they’ve increased 62 percent! This development is to be expected in times of economic crisis. But how do we fight this alarming trend? What can we learn from past efforts? In 1988, the… Read more »

Greece: a gutted economy fuels fascist threat; Freedom Socialist Party envoys meet in Athens with organizers against Golden Dawn

December 2013

Tension was high in Greece in October 2013 when two comrades and I — Los Angeles Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) Organizer Muffy Sunde and San Francisco poet Nellie Wong — traveled to Athens to meet with socialists active in the anti-fascist movement. A few weeks earlier, anti-racist rapper Pavlos Fissas had been stabbed to death… Read more »

Europe: austerity breeds electoral advances by the far right

August 2014

Seventy years after millions perished in the war against Hitler, fascism is on the rise, as witnessed by the results of the May election for the European Union Parliament. France’s National Front (FN), a neo-Nazi party, beat all other French parties and gained 20 seats, for a total of 23. It now rivals England’s Independent… Read more »

The “American Centuries” and what they have wrought

December 2014

Shortly before the U.S. started bombing Iraq again, President Obama made a speech at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida to build support for the new war. He heaped praise on the leaders of this major command center, which oversees U.S. warfare in the Middle East. He gave prominent salutes to MacDill’s Special Operations… Read more »

For community control over the police! Now is the time to demand elected civilian review boards

June 2015

After every sickening murder by cops, politicians and police chiefs shake their heads sadly and create another toothless police commission. From Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond, outraged protesters have lost their patience with the system. (Keep visiting for continuing reports on Baltimore.) Many of these protesters want to bring this system down. Until that… Read more »

US trains Nazis in Ukraine national guard

June 2015

Some 300 U.S. paratroopers are now stationed in Ukraine. They started training the Azov Battalion of the Ukraine national guard on April 20 — Hitler’s birthday, no less! When USA Today reported the story, it merely interviewed a sergeant who admitted being a Nazi but hid the truth of the Nazi nature of the whole… Read more »

On trial in Greece: 69 members of the violent, ultra-right Golden Dawn party

June 2015

The trial of 69 members of the Golden Dawn party will finally begin in late May 2015. Many didn’t show up on April 20 when the trial was originally scheduled to start. But 200 black-helmeted Golden Dawn (GD) supporters did, and physically attacked five witnesses. Simultaneously, 4,000 counter-demonstrators, organized by anti-fascists and labor unions, chanted… Read more »

Melbourne coalition turns out to fight fascists

August 2015

Australia is not on the brink of revolution. But protest is escalating against the cruelties of a collapsing global and domestic economy. Since March 2014, hundreds of thousands of Australians have marched to tell the conservative Abbott government that its harsh austerity programs will not be tolerated. It is trying to decimate social security, public… Read more »