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One Nation legitimises fascist ideas! The time to stop Hansonism is now!

October 2016

“I’m back — but not alone.” Pauline Hanson, leader of the extreme-right One Nation party, made a parliamentary comeback in Australia’s federal election this past July. These taunting words are from her “maiden” speech to Parliament on September 15. In 1996 Hanson was elected to the House of Representatives, but lost her seat two years… Read more »

How NOT to fight the right

October 2017

This rally was organized by the International Socialist Organization, Democratic Socialists of America, and Workers’ Voice/La Voz de los Trabajadores, who encouraged everyone to gather at a nearby park rather than directly confront the far right. Socialist Alternative and Socialist Action were among its endorsers.

Fighting fascism: what works and what doesn’t

October 2017

Thunderous outrage marked a turning point in the U.S. after James Fields Jr. murdered one anti-Nazi demonstrator and injured dozens more in his Aug. 12 attack in Charlottesville, Va. The antagonism between left and right has blown wide open. And so far, those who stand against bigotry are winning. Now is the time to build… Read more »

Thousands march in Seattle to denounce white supremacists

August 15, 2017

When Seattle anti-fascists of many political persuasions massed to protest a “Patriot Prayer” rally on Aug. 13, police prevented them from marching to the site of the far-right gathering. But they made their message heard regardless.