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Freedom Socialist editorial — Free Nestora Salgado

December 2013

Nestora Salgado, U.S. citizen and indigenous rights leader, is a political prisoner in Mexico — a casualty of the raging war against indigenous people there. She began by making frequent trips to bring aid to her desperately poor home town of Olinalá in the state of Guerrero. Then, appalled by the drug gang-fueled violence and… Read more »

Campaign to free the Cuban Five exposes US terror tactics against Cuba

December 2013

Fifteen years of organizing to free the Cuban Five starkly reveal that the U.S. government has done some down and dirty deeds trying to wipe out the Cuban revolution of 1959. Since the revolution, anti-communist Cuban exiles have murdered more than 3,400 Cuban citizens and injured over 2,000 in thousands of terror attacks. Based in… Read more »

World Beat: Free Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rican independista

February 2014

Puerto Rican independentista Oscar López Rivera, behind bars since 1981, is one of the many radicals of color hounded by the FBI in reaction to the momentum of the progressive 1960s. At 70, he is one of the longest-held political prisoners in the history of the world. Born in Puerto Rico, López Rivera came to… Read more »

In memory of TJ Hickey: Australians launch a global campaign against Aboriginal deaths in custody

February 2014

For three decades, the Freedom Socialist Party in Australia has been a leader in the campaign to halt the criminal toll of Aboriginal people killed by police brutality and callous neglect. Racism against Aboriginal Australians is endemic. The result: poverty, joblessness, poor health, homelessness and a steady increase in the rate of imprisonment. The following… Read more »

Campaign to free Nestora Salgado from Mexican jail gains international support

February 2014

For more coverage on Nestora’s story, see our other article here. When indigenous leader Nestora Salgado, a Washington state resident and naturalized U.S. citizen, traveled south of the U.S.-Mexico border last year, she did not expect to end up a political prisoner. Her first trips to her hometown of Olinalá, Guerrero, were to bring aid… Read more »

Lynne Stewart free at last

February 2014

On Dec. 31, 2013, Lynne Stewart, intrepid people’s lawyer who was wrongly convicted of aiding terrorism, was released from prison. The photo shows her and partner Ralph Poynter at LaGuardia airport in New York City on New Year’s Day. They were met by dozens of supporters, friends and family members. Thanks to the ceaseless efforts… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — Eddie Conway freed!

April 2014

Black Panther Party leader Marshall “Eddie” Conway is free at last! A political prisoner actively supported by the Freedom Socialist Party and many others, Conway was framed for killing a Baltimore cop 44 years ago and convicted with no physical evidence. He was arrested shortly after exposing a National Security Agency provocateur in the Panthers… Read more »