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Grecia, el Triángulo Imposible

2 de julio 2015

“Esto puede fallar, pero vale la pena intentarlo porque todas las otras opciones son peores,” escribió al final de su reciente mea culpa Dominique Strauss-Khan, ex director del Fondo Monetario Internacional, en el que admite que las políticas del FMI para Grecia fracasaron y propone operar una cuantiosa reducción de la deuda pública. El hecho… Read more »

Greece: The Impossible Triangle

July 2, 2015

“This may fail but it is worthwhile to make it happen because all the other options are worse,” wrote Dominique Strauss-Khan, the ex-director of the IMF, in a mea culpa in which he admits the failure of the IMF measures and proposes a substantial reduction in Greece’s public debt as a remedy. The fact that… Read more »

May Day 2014: Clasping Hands across Borders

May 1, 2014

The May Day holiday that is now celebrated all over the world, known as International Workers’ Day in many places, was born in the struggle of U.S. anarchists, socialists, and other radicals for the eight-hour day, a fight that often cost these brave workers their lives. The campaign was led largely by European immigrants to… Read more »

50,000 march on Nazi Golden Dawn headquarters

September 26, 2013

A week after antifascist hip-hop singer Pavlos Fyssas was murdered in cold blood by a gang of Golden Dawn thugs, tens of thousands of antifascist protesters staged an impressive rally and marched on the Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens to confront the rising threat of fascism head on. Clashes briefly broke out after riot police… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: Housing is a right, not a luxury

August 17, 2012

The powers-that-be say that owning your own home is the “American Dream” — but it’s been a bad dream, even a nightmare, for far too many households. Since the latest depression began five years ago, millions of jobs have been lost. To make life even more difficult, a staggering number of homes have been taken… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: For a massive program of public jobs

May 16, 2012

A record 26 million jobless or underemployed U.S. workers are the human evidence that rosy reports of the end of the economic crisis are false through and through. Nothing debunks the lie of recovery so clearly as unrelentingly high unemployment. Left out of the already ghastly official rate of 8-9 percent are millions of people… Read more »

El Partido de Libertad Socialista lanza su campaña presidencial de postulación por escrito que se centra en osadas soluciones para la clase trabajadora

2 de febrero de 2012

Este año de elecciones, el Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) está postulando al neoyorquino Stephen Durham para presidente de EEUU y a la seattleleña Christina López para vicepresidenta en una fuerte campaña nacional por escrito. Comenta Durham, de 64 años, “La candidatura del FSP es una oportunidad para que el pueblo vote no solo contra… Read more »

Budget-cutting Democrats in Washington State side with corporate elite against workers and the poor

April 1, 2009

Labor’s so-called friends are proving once again to be a treacherous, two-faced crowd. After helping themselves to hefty union campaign contributions, Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire and the majority Democratic leadership of the House and Senate are proposing drastic public service budget cuts, pay freezes, and layoffs of over 8,000 state workers, citing a serious $9… Read more »