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HUD refuses to desegregate housing

June 2018

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson calls rules against racist segregation a “failed socialist experiment.”

Amazon extortion!

June 2018

The world’s richest man balks at helping the homeless.

Imperialist counterrevolution in Syria

April 2018

Imperialist firepower has overwhelmed Syria’s struggle for a secular democracy — for now. Oppose deportation of Syrian refugees from the U.S.!

No to privatizing public power

April 2018

Bonneville Power electrifies eight western states. Trump’s budget proposes selling off Bonneville, for the profit of a few. Thumbs down!

Trump’s Jerusalem Insult

February 2018

As usual, the president acted in an arrogant and reactionary fashion, but even he can’t destroy a “peace process” that doesn’t exist.

Freedom Socialist editorial: Democracy hypocrisy

June 2017

Whatever else you want to say about the guy, Donald Trump is doing a yuuuge educational service as president. His bogus election and “You’re fired!” presidency are perfectly exposing the limits and fallacies of capitalist democracy. Our vaunted two-party electoral system, providing for free and fair debate among cream-of-the-crop candidates? Yikes, no! Winner chosen by… Read more »