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Federal Budget: cheap bribes can’t hide whose interests are served

Winter/Spring 2007

A few dollars to seniors and a little easing of childcare costs — these were the miserable bribes tossed around by the Howard Government in its pre-election budget. A compliant media kept everyone focused on whether they’d get some personal relief, even if just a bit. But once the dust settled, a couple of details… Read more »

The Tale of Two Dictators

Summer/Autumn 2007

Last December Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, died peacefully in bed. Contrast this with the demise of Saddam Hussein, executed later that month in a ghoulish vengeance killing videoed and posted on the Internet. Both had been renowned for carrying out the dirty work of U.S. Imperialism. Why were they treated so differently? To protect the… Read more »

Be part of our plans for 2007

Summer/Autumn 2007

Innovations. Readers of the Freedom Socialist Bulletin can expect to see some exciting changes in 2007. This is the last issue of the magazine we will produce using PageMaker 6. From issue 37, we will be moving to InDesign and redesigning the whole publication. There will be a different feel and a new-look cover with… Read more »

Facing down Nazis and other white supremacists

Summer/Autumn 2007

On December 9, 2006, a couple of hundred people gathered outside the Islamic Information and Support Centre in Melbourne’s multicultural suburb of Brunswick. The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women were among those who responded to an appeal to be there as a defence in case of an attack by white supremacists. Days before, plans… Read more »

Amal Basry’s life inspires hope

Winter/Spring 2006

When Amal Basry died on the 18th of March this year, all asylum seekers lost a courageous voice. She was one of the survivors of the sinking of the so-called SIEVX (Suspected Illegal Entry Vehicle X) in which 353 people lost their lives. Amal survived the night in the ocean, clinging to the body of… Read more »

War on dissent: anti-terrorism laws must be defeated

Winter/Spring 2006

Fantasy becomes reality. The plot of the movie, Minority Report, was that crime was so out of control in a future world that people could be arrested as “pre-criminals.” Faheem Lohdi, a Pakistani-Australian and Muslim, is unjustly held in the psychological management unit at Goulburn jail. He had some maps, videos, DVDs and handwritten notes… Read more »

Churches Out of State Schools

Winter/Spring 2006

Defend secular schools. A group of government parlamentarians recently proposed the establishment of a “National Schools Chaplaincy Program.” State schools, said one, are “anti-religious.” Oh, really? Which part of secular education don’t they understand? Naturally the reactionary Howard Government is “seriously considering” the proposal. Naturally, as part of the neoconservative agenda, they mean Christian chaplains,… Read more »

Demand justice for Errol Wyles Junior!

Winter/Spring 2006

Momentum is building around the country in the campaign to expose the truth behind the death of Errol Wyles Junior. The key goal is to achieve justice for the family of this 15-year-old Aboriginal boy who was killed in violent and tragic circumstances on 7 June 2003 in Townsville, Queensland. Errol Wyles Junior’s life was… Read more »

Shut-up and listen! Indigenous people have solutions

Winter/Spring 2006

When Nanette Rogers spoke out about violence against women and children in Aboriginal communities, a string of Federal and State politicians made statements about the need to be tough on crime! What they failed to do was support Indigenous community solutions. There are many excellent community projects, most of which are woefully under-funded. The Rogers… Read more »