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Grade Betsy DeVos’ performance

After a year on the job, it’s time for DeVos to be graded on her performance. Tell her how to improve her failing performance to better support our public schools.

Victorian teachers vote “yes” to agreement but are deeply divided

Winter/Spring 2008

On 5 May, the Victorian Premier, John Brumby, announced that he had struck a deal with the Australian Education Union (AEU), bringing the tenacious 16-month campaign for a new Victorian Government Schools Agreement to an end. In November 2007 and February 2008, teachers had turned out for the biggest stopwork meetings and rallies in the… Read more »

Your Say Special Feature: Rebel Poets Inspire

Summer/Autumn 2010

The Freedom Socialist Bulletin was overwhelmed by the response we received to our feature, Rebel Poets: Shaking Up the Status Quo, published last issue. We decided to publish some of the reactions from our readers who also shared some of their own writing. Pam Sidney is a rebel poet in the finest tradition. She is… Read more »

Millions march for science worldwide

June 2017

W.E.B. Du Bois once stated that “the cure [for ignorance] wasn’t simply telling people the truth, it was inducing them to act on it.” This could certainly be said of the millions of people who marched for science across the globe on April 22. Inspired by the Women’s March, the idea quickly erupted into an… Read more »