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Recommendations for the NYC November 6, 2018 Elections

October 30, 2018

Dear Friend, The midterm elections are upon us, happening amid a literal storm in this country as global warming-fueled hurricanes flood the coast, thousands of migrants are forced north, another sexual abuser is appointed to the Supreme Court, and Trump tries to deny trans people’s very right to exist. The Democratic Party machine says a “Blue… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party recommendations for the Washington State November 6, 2018 General Election

October 17, 2018

People are marching in the streets over rising rents, stagnating wages, and sexual predators on the Supreme Court. So, one could expect this year’s general election to offer some rabble rousing candidates. However, since union militant Steve Hoffman (who ran for U.S. Senate on the Freedom Socialist Party ticket) didn’t make it through the primary,… Read more »

Open Letter on the November 6 California General Election – Los Angeles

October 14, 2018

Dear Friend, The midterm elections are taking place as we continue to see the dire effects of the Trump presidency, supported by a Congress and judiciary that are equally against the working-class majority, especially its most vulnerable members. Once again, we also see the limitations of voting under a two-party system in which both the… Read more »

Don’t let the corporate media win – vote for Steve Hoffman

August 3, 2018

In a 29-person race, two candidates are hogging the business-media spotlight, corporate fangirl Maria Cantwell and gun-toting xenophobe Joey Gibson. The establishment press is ignoring socialist feminist Steve Hoffman, but working people and justice-seekers around the state are not!