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Durham-López campaign statement: A queer rights platform to take PRIDE in

June 19, 2012

Are you fed up with empty promises and big-money control of the elections? Throw your support behind candidates with bold, unconventional and practical solutions to the economic crisis and the escalating attacks on civil rights. The Freedom Socialist Party campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president has a platform that… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: Lessons of the Wisconsin recall- Time for labor to reject the bosses’ parties and fight for all workers

June 15, 2012

For a downloadable copy of this statement, click here. [PDF, 386kB] Last year, hundreds of thousands of snow-covered Wisconsinites showed labor how to fight austerity. Workers and students occupied the capitol to resist Governor Scott Walker’s budget cuts and attacks on collective bargaining. They demanded jobs and healthcare for all, and many were ready to… Read more »

FSP’s “Un-millionaire” presidential campaign invigorates the California primary!

June 13, 2012

A hearty thank you! to friends of the Freedom Socialist Party’s Durham-López “Un-millionaire” 2012 presidential campaign for substantial support in the June 5 California primary election. New Yorker Stephen Durham, running for president on a socialist feminist ticket with vice-presidential candidate Christina López of Seattle, is vying for the nomination of the Peace and Freedom… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: Presidential candidate Stephen Durham denounces police-state tactics against free speech in Chicago

May 21, 2012

A massive concentration of police forces in Chicago culminated yesterday in a brutal attack on non-violent anti-NATO protesters. It was nationally coordinated, orchestrated by Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and designed to manufacture a climate of fear and intimidation. But it failed to suppress political dissent. I arrived in Chicago last Thursday, May 17th with a… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: For a massive program of public jobs

May 16, 2012

A record 26 million jobless or underemployed U.S. workers are the human evidence that rosy reports of the end of the economic crisis are false through and through. Nothing debunks the lie of recovery so clearly as unrelentingly high unemployment. Left out of the already ghastly official rate of 8-9 percent are millions of people… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party 2012 Platform

April 12, 2012

Stephen Durham for President A strong workers’ rights advocate who has long fought racial and sexual discrimination, Durham speaks three languages and is building ties with unionists and feminists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Christina López for Vice President A socialist feminist champion of immigrant and reproductive rights, López defends those most hurt by… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Candidate for U.S. President Tours California in April

April 11, 2012

Durham/López campaign takes pride in working class roots and says it offers voters a means to protest the “rigged political system.” Stephen Durham, who is vying for the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) nomination in the California presidential primary, will campaign in the state from April 12 to May 2. Calling his whistle stop tour… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement—Obama tells women voters: Ask not what the president can do for you, but what you can do for the president

April 5, 2012

The Obama presidential campaign appears to have recently turned its attention to women voters and the fact that they are none too happy with his waffling on reproductive rights and other issues. Hence the idea was hatched to do a one-million-woman mailing targeting three groups—mothers, young women and older women—backed up by phone banking and… Read more »