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Freedom Socialist presidential campaign offices

April 2012

Baltimore: Email Los Angeles: 2122 W. Jefferson Blvd. Phone 323-732-6416. Email Newark, NJ: Phone 973-643-0499. New York City: 113 W. 128th St. Phone 212-222-0633. Email Port Angeles, WA: Phone 360-452-7534. Email Portland, OR: 6834 NE Glisan St. Phone 503-240-4462. Email San Francisco: 747 Polk St. Phone 415-864-1278. Email Seattle:… Read more »

Making Latino votes count

April 2012

Republican candidates and President Obama are spending thousands of dollars on Spanish-language outreach to Latino voters, whose numbers are huge and growing. But Latinos are among those hurt worst by the actions of Democratic and Republican politicians: cuts to social services and education, wars that drain the budget and destroy lives, and massive deportations. All… Read more »

Haciendo que valga el voto latino

abril de 2012

Los candidatos republicanos y el presidente Obama están gastando miles de dólares para alcanzar a los electores latinos, cuyos números son enormes y siguen creciendo. Pero los latinos son uno de los grupos más afectados por las acciones de los políticos demócratas y republicanos: recortes en los servicios sociales y educación, guerras que drenan el… Read more »

2012: a year for revolt — events in April and May

April 2012

April & May — Durham-López fundraisers. Support the FSP presidential campaign! Contact local offices listed in supplement for info. April 7-May 19 — “Chicago Spring.” Events build to May 19-21 NATO/anti-war protests. See Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8) and Occupy Chicago April 14 & 22 — Peace and Free­dom Party debates, Cal…. Read more »

La biografía de Christina López, candidata a vicepresidente de EE.UU.

abril de 2012

Desde temprana edad, Christina López, candidata del Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) para vicepresidenta, ha mostrado su espíritu guerrero. Cuando crecía en Phoenix, aprendió de su madre a defender a la gente del barrio en asuntos como la vivienda justa. Su familia de clase trabajadora ha vivido en el suroeste desde antes que EEUU se… Read more »

La biografía de Stephen Durham, candidato a la presidencia de los EE.UU.

abril de 2012

Stephen Durham está comprometido a realizar cambios desde las bases como candidato del Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) para presidente de EEUU junto con su compañera para vicepresidenta, Christina López. Durham, de 64 años, es el organizador del FSP en la ciudad de Nueva York y líder nacional elegido del partido. Ha representado al FSP… Read more »

Stephen Durham: a biographical sketch

April 2012

Stephen Durham brings commitment to making change from the grass roots up to his Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) campaign for president with vice-presidential partner Christina López. Durham, 64, is the New York City FSP organizer and an elected national party leader. He has represented the FSP in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean,… Read more »

Seven steps for ballot access reform

April 2012

Election season 2012: the rich are stuffing candidate bank accounts (while they continue to stuff their own); say-anything politicians, including President Obama, are blowing with the wind; and right-wing zealots are beating each other senseless in Republican debates and primaries. The rigged U.S. system of voting is in the middle of producing what may well… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party presidential campaign: What’s new and what’s ahead

June 2012

CAPITALIST CAMPAIGNS are picking up cool millions at $40,000 per plate dinners. The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) Durham-López campaign, on the other hand, is blazing its trail and attracting solid interest and donations at potlucks and open houses, protest rallies and picket lines, and street fairs and conferences. While presidential candidate and New Yorker Stephen… Read more »