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La campaña presidencial no millonaria: El Partido de Libertad Socialista responde a un juego político tramposo

febrero de 2012

Para obtener una copia descargable de este artículo, haga clic aquí. Probablemente el año 2011 será registrado en la historia, justo como se hizo en la cubierta de la revista Time, como el año de los manifestantes. Se impusieron los sindicalistas confundidos en otros tiempos por el conservadurismo de sus líderes. Las poblaciones bajo la… Read more »

The un-millionaire presidential campaign: FSP’s answer to a rigged political system

February 2012

For a downloadable copy of this article, click here. [PDF, 274kB] 2011 will probably register in history, as it did on Time magazine’s cover, as the year of the protester. Unionists confounded in the past by leaders’ conservatism asserted themselves. Populations under the heel of dictators made revolutions. “Occupy” became the rallying cry for a… Read more »

Freedom Socialist presidential campaign: What is a vote worth?

April 2012

Does your vote matter? Not much if you don’t challenge capitalism and its rigged electoral system. The best way to do this is by voting socialist. This way you can say no to wage exploitation and discrimination. You can address issues affecting your life and the lives of the working-class majority — women, people of… Read more »

Freedom Socialist presidential campaign: their platform and ours

April 2012

This feature highlights a few of the fundamental stances of Freedom Socialist Party candidates Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president, and contrasts them to the platforms of Republican candidates and President Obama. For positions relating to other major issues, such as civil liberties, police abuse, environmental preservation, the war on drugs,… Read more »