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“Nuestra salud no está a la venta” — Un barrio del sur de Los Ángeles se rebela contra las prácticas racistas de perforación

August 2016

El descubrimiento del “oro negro” en Los Ángeles en el siglo XIX, dio lugar a un paisaje urbano en el que las plataformas de perforación gigantes proyectan su sombra sobre barrios enteros. A medida que la industria del petróleo se expandió también lo hicieron las plataformas. Las sucesivas generaciones crecieron con esta industria venenosa al… Read more »

The Standing Rock fight is for all of us

October 2016

When a security company set dogs on people challenging bulldozers in North Dakota on Sept. 3, the scalding images recalled similar violence against civil rights protesters in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963. And just as that Birmingham struggle was a defining moment, so too is the struggle for water and sovereignty by the Standing Rock Sioux… Read more »

Standing Rock: Report from the front lines

December 2016

The cold is settling in but the mood of Standing Rock is warm with solidarity. On Friday, Nov. 18, the International Indigenous Youth Council led a ceremony of 500 water protectors. We called for the release of Oglala Lakota tribal member Red Fawn Fallis, wrongly charged with firing at police and attempted murder. We then… Read more »

Voices from Standing Rock: Interviews with water protectors on the front lines

February 2017

Gina Petry of Radical Women and Patrick Burns of the Freedom Socialist Party traveled to Oceti Sakowin camp in November 2016 to cook, carpenter, and interview water protectors. On December 2, veterans began arriving to protect the camp, their numbers swelling to over 2,000. Pressure grew and two days later the Obama administration temporarily halted… Read more »

Solving climate crisis requires revolution

February 2017

Climate change, the warming of the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and landmasses, is the pre-eminent issue facing humanity. 2016 was the hottest worldwide since record keeping began in 1880. The previous record year was 2015, and before that, 2014. The cause is clear: more than two centuries of unprecedented addition of carbon gases to the planet’s… Read more »

Ecuador: Indigenous Shuar resist corporate mining

April 2017

The echo of helicopters, enormous trucks removing tons of rock (with gold), military vehicles 24 hours a day, and periodic gunshots — all this has become common to the indigenous Shuar in the Amazonian province of Morona Santiago in Ecuador. For months, the Shuar have been waging a fierce resistance against the government of President… Read more »