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End the Middle East War: Mass, Democratic Anti-War Movement Needed Now!

Summer/Autumn 2003

The escalation of the military offensive in the Gulf is merely the latest phase in a dirty war. George W. Bush, who occupies the White House only because his Daddy’s buddies rigged an election, is merely continuing Daddy’s unfinished business. That business, as just about everybody realises, is oil. The vast bulk of the world’s… Read more »

Workers fire up against Abbott’s ongoing anti-union push

Summer/Autumn 2003

Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott spent last year trying to convince employers to be “more militant” — and take on unions. He takes every opportunity he can to convince bosses that many of them have made “insufficient use” of “all sorts of freedoms and flexibilities” within the existing industrial relations laws. In August Abbott presented… Read more »

Derailed! Victorian Transport Privatisation Fiasco

Summer/Autumn 2003

I’ve never been a “creditor” before. But on December 30, along with all other train and tram employees of National Express Group (NE), I received notice of a creditors’ meeting planned for January 2. Happy New Year! We had joined the tens of thousands of Australian workers dumped by a corporate collapse. Except for one… Read more »

Pramoedya Ananta Toer — novelist and revolutionary

Winter/Spring 2006

It was during the ’80s that I first came across legendary Indonesia writer and activist, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The Suharto regime ruled Indonesia with a seemingly iron fist and the author’s books — which have been translated into dozens of languages — were banned in his home country. I vividly recollect reading Child of All… Read more »

The role of socialists in the union movement today

Summer/Autumn 2006

This article is an edited and updated version of a talk given by Alison Thorne at a Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) meeting on 31 August 2005. Thorne is a workplace delegate in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and an activist in the rank and file caucus, Members First. CPSU workplace delegate, Alison Thorne,… Read more »

Your Say – Summer/Autumn 2003

Summer/Autumn 2003

Anti-war demos in Ukraine The recent parliamentary crisis in the Ukraine did not succeed in distracting the attention of Ukrainian workers and youth from the problem of possible U.S./NATO aggression against Iraq. Despite some decrease in street activity prompted by bitterly cold weather, the degree of self-organsation of the anti-war movement is continuing to strengthen…. Read more »

Harry Hay 1912 – 2002: Refusing to be a model homo

Summer/Autumn 2003

In 1982, while visiting Los Angeles, I met Harry Hay. I was a young gay liberationist and Marxist feminist and the 70-year-old Hay was a radical icon — Commie, gay pioneer and fearsome critic of gay community sell-outs of every stripe. Harry Hay has left quite a legacy. During the 1940s he reached the bold… Read more »

Talking to Andrea James about Yanagai! Yanagai!

Summer/Autumn 2007

Andrea James describes herself as a proud descendent of the Yorta Yorta and Kunai nations. She is a theatre worker and the current Artistic Director with Melbourne WorkersTheatre. Andrea is also an extraordinary playwright. In 1994, inspired by the decision of the YortaYorta people to lodge a land claim with the Native Tribunal Tribunal, she… Read more »

Noongar Native Title victory: Treaty Now!

Summer/Autumn 2007

It’s taken more than 200 years, but at last one of Australia’s first nations has been recognised by the courts as the original sovereign over a major urban area. In a rare display of justice for Indigenous Australians, a Federal judge ruled in September that the Noongar people of southwestern Australia still have Native Title… Read more »

“My Israel Question”: A powerful critique of Zionist wrongdoings

Summer/Autumn 2007

Antony Lowenstein’s book, My Israel Question, was published last August. Within days, a second print run was announced and the book became a best seller. Speaking to a crowd at Melbourne Trades Hall, Lowenstein laughed and said, “It sounds bizarre now, but before the book was published my publisher was concerned that it might be… Read more »