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Ngarrindjeri women vindicated! Make the developers pay compensation now!

Summer/Autumn 2003

On September 20, 2002 the Ngarrindjeri Nation of South Australia finally got some justice. National media reported the discovery of the 200-year-old bones of a woman and her baby daughter at Goolwa, outside Adelaide. Eighteen months earlier, the Hindmarsh Island Bridge had been opened with much fanfare, linking Goolwa to Kumarangk (traditional name for Hindmarsh… Read more »

Why must women lead the unions into a General Strike? Because we can!

Winter/Spring 2006

One of my most worn and treasured T-shirts is from my union, the Australian Services Union. It’s hot pink with the message, “Strong unions need women.” If ever women were needed to put some kick into the union movement, it’s now! Now, when Howard’s WorkChoices law is being used with ever-greater viciousness. The kick needs… Read more »

Reproductive Rights: Report from the trenches in the ongoing war on women’s autonomy

Winter/Spring 2006

Outside Melbourne’s Fertility Control Clinic, a large banner that reads “Women will decide their fate!” stretches along the street. Placards call for free, 24-hour childcare, employer-funded paid maternity leave and equal pay for women. People shout, “Right to Life your name’s a lie, you don’t care if women die.” This is the defence cordon organised… Read more »

Radical Women hosts Indigenous rabble-rouser

Winter/Spring 2007

Nellie Moore and Alison Thorne at Solidarity Salon. On 17 April, Solidarity Salon was filled with Radical Women (RW) members, supporters and new friends eager to hear Nellie Moore, a veteran fighter for Aboriginal rights. RW decided to host the gathering to pay tribute to Moore and provide a platform for her to talk about… Read more »

Water is a feminist issue

Summer/Autumn 2007

Victoria burning, Melburnians choking from the smoke, parched land everywhere. This is life in the southeast corner of the earth’s driest continent. Across the Pacific, on the U.S.-Canadian border, pre-Christmas storms flooded homes, cut power and blocked main roads. On Christmas day, post-tsunami Aceh and North Sumatra were once again under water and mud. These… Read more »

Fijian feminist Shamima Ali: Moving beyond band-aid feminism

Summer/Autumn 2007

Shamima Ali is an Indo-Fijian feminist activist who works with the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC). She visitied Melbourne recently to participate in the Second Latin American and Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering. Prior to the recent coup in Fiji, Alison Thorne caught up with her for Radical Women. The FWCC was established in 1984. The… Read more »

Free, 24-hour Childcare is a necessity, not a pipe dream!

Summer/Autumn 2007

One hundred sixty-two thousand working mothers in Australia would return to work if they could access childcare. And that’s only the official figure! If free, 24-hour childcare were available, the number would be zero. “Free?! This is utopian. Impossible!” say many feminists who believe strongly in women’s right to childcare. Not only is this solution… Read more »