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Save Childcare: Make it free, under community and worker control!

Summer/Autumn 2009

Commentators have pondered how the world’s biggest childcare company, ABC Learning Centres, could collapse so spectacularly. They should be asking: “Why is childcare treated like a business?” Last August, when ABC Learning went bust, the Rudd government handed the bankruptcy receiver $22 million to avoid a catastrophic shutdown of the childcare sector. In December, it… Read more »

Afghan women fend off misogynist law

Winter/Spring 2009

On March 31 this year, the war in Afghanistan took a gruesome turn when a new law placed women of the Shia minority under the absolute control of their husbands. A woman was forbidden to refuse her husband’s demands for sex, leave the house without his permission or go out unaccompanied and without a head-to-toe… Read more »

Self-defence is no offence: Free the New Jersey Four!

Winter/Spring 2009

August 16, 2006: Seven young women from New Jersey are attacked on a night out on the town in Greenwich Village, a traditionally safe place for young working class people and the queer community. They are minding their own business until they’re accosted by a man, Dwayne Buckle, who hurls insults at them and makes… Read more »

Stopping sexual harassment is union business

Summer/Autumn 2009

Sexual harassment remains a serious problem in Australian workplaces. In 2008 the Australian Human Rights Commission conducted a telephone survey, speaking to 2,500 workers aged between 18 and 64. It found that 22% of women and 5% of men have been sexually harassed on the job. The last survey of this type, conducted in 2003,… Read more »

A conversation with First Nations Feminist Firebrands, Leslie Spillett and Nahanni Fontaine

Winter/Spring 2009

Last February, Nahanni Fontaine and Leslie Spillett, two First Nations women from Canada, visited Melbourne for a brief visit. Alison Thorne caught up with them to explore similarities and differences between Indigenous struggles in Canada and Australia. Nahanni, an Ojibway woman, is the Director of Justice for the Southern Chiefs Organisation in Manitoba. She is… Read more »

Nellie Wong: Feminist revolutionary and poet to visit Australia

Winter/Spring 2009

Australians are in for a treat this spring! Revolutionary feminist poet and organiser, Nellie Wong, will visit for five weeks. Nellie Wong, who currently resides in San Francisco, is a leader with both Radical Women (RW) and the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP). She served for many years as the organiser for the FSP branch in… Read more »

Time to take action: Sisters, let’s emulate Dora Montefiore!

Summer/Autumn 2010

As a socialist feminist, I often think about what this means. There is much in my everyday experience that points out the need to change the position of women in our capitalist society. There’s everything to get pissed off about: the job, the bills, the husband or ex, the kids’ school, not being listened to…. Read more »

Ursula K. Le Guin, ¡presente!

January 26, 2018

Tributes including by Mumia Abu-Jamal to a peerless writer of humanist, feminist sci-fi and fantasy who died on Jan. 22.