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The Barbie-fication of candidates’ wives

April 2012

Women’s liberation found me in the heady days of the 1960s, when women along with other hard-pressed groups were inspired by the Black freedom struggle to demand big changes. The possibilities were endless and we all won many battles. Ever since, the moneyed elite has funded a vicious backlash, marshaling vast forces in the media,… Read more »

Letters to the editor — Freedom Socialist newspaper — April 2012

April 2012

FSP CAMPAIGN Propel it into history It’s with great excitement and a big sigh of relief that I read that the FSP is launching their own campaign for the presidency/vice presidency this election season [FSP’s answer to a rigged political system, Vol. 33, No. 1]. FSP has always impressed me with their principled combination of… Read more »

Komen plan to ditch Planned Parenthood foiled by public outcry

April 2012

When Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the country’s leading breast cancer advocacy group, announced in early February that it would no longer contribute money to Planned Parenthood, it ignited a firestorm of controversy. Komen’s grants have helped Planned Parenthood provide breast cancer screenings for 170,000 women a year — many of them poor and… Read more »

Finally, a presidential campaign for the 51 percent!

June 2012

Beatriz Paez of Los Angeles radiates excitement about the FSP presidential team of Stephen Durham and Christina López. “I am totally behind the campaign,” says Paez, “as a mother, unionist, and teacher. And I’ve gotten my family and friends on board because the survival and well-being of my whole community depends on a socialist feminist… Read more »

BOOK EXCERPT: Estamos en la lucha: immigrant women light the fires of resistance

June 2012

While it is true that those victimized by racism and xenophobia are the ones best prepared to deliver the blows against our own oppression, no group can defeat their oppression by themselves. … Revolutionary working class leaders of color, not only immigrants, and especially Black women with their inspiring history of militancy, are essential for… Read more »

Updates on Marissa Alexander; Longview ILWU; Carlos Montes

August 2012

Survivor of domestic violence gets 20 years by Margaret Viggiani In August 2010, only nine days after giving birth, Marissa Alexander fired a warning shot into the kitchen ceiling of her home in Jacksonville, Fla., to fend off her abusive estranged husband. Alexander is a young Black mother of three. The jury deliberated 12 minutes… Read more »

Kick-ass feminist revival in New York City

August 2012

The past year has seen nationwide (and global) SlutWalks to end the blaming and shaming of sexual assault victims, feminist general assemblies where women are challenging sexism within the Occupy Wall Street movement, and marches to Unite Against the War on Women protesting ongoing legislative and political attacks. Feminism is in the air! Unsatisfied with… Read more »

Freedom Socialist opinion: Standing with sisters who stand up to the Vatican

October 2012

SINCE WE’RE TALKING Catholic Church here, let’s begin with a confession. I was raised and educated a Catholic. But I long ago concluded that religious institutions, of whatever make or model, are not too helpful in building a better world. I am a Marxist feminist, immersed in organizing and writing about the human struggle for… Read more »