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Radical Women plenum – A giant step forward for revolutionary feminism

Summer 1979

Radical Women, the voice of revolutionary socialist feminism in the United States, resoundingly extended the content, force and reach of its program at its Second National Executive Committee Plenum held in New York City in May at Columbia University. Exciting additions to the organization’s basic document, the Radical Women Manifesto, expanded on the international character… Read more »

Poet-radicals resist a barrage of slander

Fall 1981

Two Asian American poet-writers, highly visible in the San Francisco Bay Area as Trotskyist-feminist leaders, are drawing heavy fire from a variety of opponents equipped with a ready arsenal of racist, sexist, and anti-Trotskyist weaponry. But San Francisco Radical Women has launched a swift counter-offensive to expose the insidious, Stalinist-style politics of the slander-mongers. Nellie… Read more »

No reliance on the FBI: Community defense of abortion rights

Summer 1985

As harassment and violence against abortion clinics accelerate, it’s clear that an aggressive feminist response to the anti-abortion forces is urgently needed. The “pro-life” terrorists must be stopped before they strip us of our constitutional rights. The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women support the National Organization for Women’s call for a national campaign in… Read more »

Pot Shots

June 1988

Don’t mutter when you use the card catalogue. FBI Director William Sessions explains his agency’s efforts to turn librarians into informers: “We expect librarians to be aware of things that in their minds are in fact foreign, hostile intelligence-gathering efforts.” Before he had his polyps removed. “In every one of the far-flung trouble spots, dig… Read more »

The battle for Baby M: Surrogate mother vs. semen owner

June 1988

The following column was printed in slightly altered form, in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 11 , 1987 in response to a previous column by Fredric Hayward, the misogynist director of Men’s Rights, Inc., which is a national anti-feminist organization headquartered in Sacramento, California. Lift the demagogic rhetoric of Men’s Rights, Inc., about “fetal… Read more »

The abortion wars: court clashes and street skirmishes

June 1989

On April 9, six hundred thousand marchers for abortion rights in Washington, D.C. showed that the escalating war over women’s reproductive rights is revitalizing feminist activism. The U.S. pro-choice movement is stronger than at any time since 1973. Along with the new upsurge comes an old debate, a crucial one, over “respectable” liberalism vs. militant… Read more »

The color of revolution

July 1990

Nancy Kato, author of the document “Women of Color: Frontrunners for Freedom,” laid it on the line. “The struggle of women of color for equality is central to the elimination of the profit system and the success of revolution in North America.” The reasons are rooted in history and contemporary reality. “In 1992, it will… Read more »