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Las “Comunidades Seguras” anti-inmigrantes

diciembre de 2011

Bajo el gobierno de Barack Obama, las comunidades de inmigrantes corren más peligro que nunca, ya que se ha deportado a más gente que bajo George W. Bush. Los drones Predator espían la frontera mexicana. Los políticos lanzan múltiples ataques contra la educación y los beneficios para los trabajadores indocumentados y sus hijos. Y Obama… Read more »

DATELINE AUSTRALIA — Racist border war: politicians compete to keep out refugees fleeing war and persecution

December 2011

Jayasaker Jayrathna was a young Tamil refugee, driven to seek asylum due to the brutal suppression of Tamils by the government of Sri Lanka. The 27-year-old, whose mother was murdered by that same government, was in indefinite immigration detention. Although the government recognised Jayrathna as a refugee, it was stalling on his security clearance. In… Read more »

SOAPBOX — Make justice prevail: one Guatemalan woman’s exile saga

February 2012

I am an undocumented worker. I was trained as an accountant, a high school teacher and a psychologist, but that is another lifetime now. In 1995, I left my house and two children in Guatemala and came to the United States on a visitor’s visa with my youngest child; my husband followed in a few… Read more »

BOOK EXCERPT: Estamos en la lucha: immigrant women light the fires of resistance

June 2012

While it is true that those victimized by racism and xenophobia are the ones best prepared to deliver the blows against our own oppression, no group can defeat their oppression by themselves. … Revolutionary working class leaders of color, not only immigrants, and especially Black women with their inspiring history of militancy, are essential for… Read more »

Movie reviews: The Visitor, The Intouchables, Amreeka

October 2012

The Visitor (2007, directed by Thomas McCarthy) is a sensitive story of two young, undocumented immigrants in post 9/11 New York. It does a fine job of exposing the human cost of U.S. immigration policies. The movie unfolds as Walter, a burned out college professor finds himself unexpectedly sharing his New York apartment with Tarek… Read more »

Waterfront workers versus bosses: “We’re all fighting the same enemy”

October 2012

In July, the Seattle branch of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) hosted a forum to help analyze and advance pivotal battles that are unfolding for labor on the docks. This article is based on a press release that captures insights from the discussion. Three rank-and-file labor leaders took to the podium Saturday night, July 21,… Read more »

El cruel engaño migratorio de Obama

abril de 2013

La contienda entre el presidente Obama y las facciones del Congreso acerca de la reforma migratoria oculta un hecho básico. Ninguno de los planes que se han propuesto ofrece una mejor vida para los trabajadores indocumentados; al contrario, cada uno de ellos incrementaría el terror cotidiano al que se enfrentan estos inmigrantes. Es cierto por… Read more »

Obama’s cruel immigration hoax

April 2013

The sparring between President Obama and Congressional factions about immigration reform covers up a basic fact. Not one of the plans being floated would create a better life for undocumented workers; each would instead increase the everyday terror these immigrants face. This is true for a simple reason: top-down immigration reform isn’t designed to help… Read more »