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Open Letter to Seattle Mayor, Police Chief, and Director of OPA, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

On June 10, 2017, a broad coalition of community organizations came together under the banner “Seattle Stands with our Muslim Neighbors.” This solidarity action was called in response to the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America (“ACT”) organizing a nationwide day of protests against Islam, including in front of City Hall in Seattle. ACT announced… Read more »

Los inmigrantes les muestran el camino a todos los trabajadores

1 de mayo de 2017

Huelga General del Día del Trabajo de 2017 Se necesitan agallas para que los inmigrantes se movilicen para la huelga general de este lunes contra los ataques en aumento contra sus derechos y los de todos los trabajadores. Los conserjes sindicalizados indignados por las redadas del ICE y la criminalización de la comunidad negra votaron… Read more »

Corruption and worker abuse loom over 2022 World Cup in Qatar

October 2016

They say the FIFA World Cup should be a world showcase. The quadrennial championship of what some call football — and some call soccer — brings together representatives of nations throughout the world, providing a shared cultural experience in every corner of the globe. Even in the United States, media outlets like ESPN and cranky… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Soapbox: Never again! No Muslim internment

February 2017

Most people don’t know where Rohwer, Ark. or Tule Lake, Calif. are located. I do. My parents’ families were interned in both those concentration camps during World War II. The U.S. government rounded up and jailed 120,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans for “posing a threat to national security.” The government knew there was no threat,… Read more »

¿Y ahora qué van a hacer los Dreamers?

February 2017

Tres mil inmigrantes y sus muchos partidarios se reunieron y marcharon en Los Ángeles el 18 de diciembre para desafiar las amenazas de Trump de deportaciones masivas. Estudiantes, familias, latinos, judíos y musulmanes, gente LGBTQ, sindicatos, feministas, grupos de iglesias y trabajadores de múltiples etnias, fueron altamente energizados por el tamaño de la multitud y… Read more »

What now for the Dreamers?

February 2017

Three thousand immigrants and their many supporters rallied and marched in Los Angeles on Dec. 18 to defy Trump’s threats of massive deportations. Students, families, Latinos, Jews and Muslims, LGBTQ folks, unions, feminists, church groups and workers of multiple ethnicities, were all highly energized by the crowd’s size and the confidence of bold solidarity. A… Read more »

Defending immigrants: How to make sanctuary real

April 2017

Hundreds of U.S. cities and counties have declared themselves sanctuaries in response to President Trump’s declaration of war on immigrants. The many already in place have reaffirmed and strengthened their commitment. Trump has given Immigration U.S. Customs Enforcement (ICE) carte blanche to hunt down and deport immigrants. States like California have introduced legislation such as… Read more »

Nestora’s family asks the U.S. embassy for assistance

June 5, 2015

This article was originally published on La Jornada. MEXICO DF. — Activists and relatives of Nestora Salgado Garcia requested a meeting this afternoon with officials from the U.S. embassy in Mexico to ask them to intervene in the release of the ex-comandante of community policing from Olinalá, Guerrero, who remains on a hunger strike after… Read more »