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Huelga de hambre, la delegación de Estados Unidos a México refuerza la campaña por la libertad

August 2015

El 5 de mayo, la presa política Nestora Salgado dijo: “¡Basta!” Ciudadana estadounidense naturalizada, había soportado casi dos años de tormento en una prisión de México. ¿Su delito? Dirigir a la comunidad indígena de su ciudad natal, Olinalá, Guerrero, en defensa propia contra las brutales bandas de drogas y los políticos corruptos. Se le negó… Read more »

Hunger strike, US delegation to Mexico bolster freedom campaign

August 2015

On May 5, political prisoner Nestora Salgado said “Enough!” A naturalized U.S. citizen, she had endured almost two years of prison torment in Mexico. Her crime? Leading the indigenous community of her home town, Olinalá, Guerrero, in self-defense against vicious drug gangs and corrupt politicians. She was denied medical care and mired in solitary confinement… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the editor August 2015

August 2015

MICK PARSONS Illegally fired The interview with Mick Parsons was a real eye-opener [Adjunct professors: academia’s overstressed, underpaid labor force, Vol. 36, No. 3]. Since the article was published, Parsons has been illegally fired because of his high profile activism to improve working conditions of adjuncts across the state of Kentucky. He was fired less… Read more »

No welcome here: an immigrant’s saga

October 2015

If you have not been an undocumented immigrant from Central America making your dangerous way through Mexico only to face vigilante hate groups and la migra at the U.S. border, you don’t know what hell is. Fleeing poverty or persecution at home, you are exploited and persecuted again by Mexican police trying to rob your… Read more »

Nestora Salgado fasts for freedom, inspires defiance across Mexico

October 2015

“Nestora Salgado’s name has become a symbol of resistance for many women struggling … against patriarchal violence and for indigenous communities,” said R. Aída Hernández Castillo in the Mexican daily La Jornada in August. But the state sees her only as a threat. Aug. 21 marked the two-year anniversary of her imprisonment on false charges,… Read more »

El gobierno Dominicano detiene, reprime y deporta a miles de inmigrantes Haitianos y sus descendientes

octubre de 2015

Yesibon Senatus, 70 años de edad, haitiano de nacimiento, cortador de caña, desde hace tiempo lucha por la pensión y residencia Dominicana. Quesnel Michell, 22 años, hijo cañeros, nacido y criado en Dominicana, registrado por sus padres en la Oficialía del Batey Magdalena, propiedad del Central Romana, a quien la Junta Central Electoral le negó… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — Open the borders and dump capitalism

October 2015

Across harsh deserts from the Sahara in Africa to the Southwest in the United States, and over deadly seas in each hemisphere, desperate people are risking their lives to escape what are, at bottom, the results of a frantic quest for profits: wars, repression by domestic tyrants and imperialist invaders, and needless environmental devastation. Whether… Read more »

Keep pressure up to free Nestora Salgado

December 2015

As the third year of Nestora Salgado’s unjust imprisonment begins, her supporters continue to organize in Mexico, the USA and internationally for her release. Salgado, a U.S. citizen, was jailed in Mexico in 2013 on manufactured kidnapping charges. It was a political attack on the indigenous community police of Guerrero state. She headed the Olinalá… Read more »

War and other acts of terrorism; Defending refugees

February 2016

French President François Hollande lost no time declaring a state of emergency following the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Paris this past November, which killed 130 people. Within hours the ink was dry. Two days later, French pilots were bombing ISIS targets in Raqqa, Syria. “We must face up to a war against terrorism, against jihadism,… Read more »