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“Stop Failing Our Kids!”

July 2017

Campaign demands Victorian Government be held accountable for Juvenile Justice crisis.

Israel’s deadly siege of Palestinians in Gaza

October 2017

Residents of the Gaza Strip are caught in a brutal nightmare they cannot escape. In 2006, Israel imposed a military and economic blockade by land, air and sea. This coastal enclave is now a maximum security prison for Palestinians. Israel sends bombs and drones against fathers, mothers, and children, whose crime is being born in… Read more »

Indigenous-led rebellion at Standing Rock and beyond

April 2017

Over a year ago, the Sacred Stone camp was established on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline. Since then opposition has taken many forms and is not over. Earlier this year, a call was put out by the Standing Rock tribe and Indigenous leaders for a national day of action… Read more »

Demanding an end to abuse of Indigenous youth in detention

October 2016

Abuse of Indigenous youth has been in the headlines again recently in Australia. Indigenous-led protests erupted swiftly with women playing important leadership roles. Melbourne rally, 30 July, called by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. In the Northern Territory, these young people are 97 percent of all kids in custody. In July, a current affairs show… Read more »

Reports from Standing Rock

November 2016

Days 6 and 7, November 20-21, 2016 – State warfare intensifies – solidarity builds Our final days representing Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party at Standing Rock were action-packed and compelling. Varied voices of water protectors Patrick Burns and I spent time with the International Indigenous Youth Council and attended a council meeting. The youth… Read more »

Standing Rock Report-back – Gina Petry and Patrick Burns

December 2016

 Presentations by Freedom Socialist Party representative Patrick Burns and Seattle Radical Women Organizer Gina Petry about their November stay at Standing Rock, including video of interviews with members of the International Indigenous Youth Council and Labor for Standing Rock. If you would like to interview Gina or Patrick or invited them to speak to… Read more »

Standing Rock Unionists speak out

December 2016

While at Standing Rock, Freedom Socialist Party representative and union carpenter Patrick Burns talks with Liam Cain, member of Laborers Union Local 1271 and the Industrial Workers of the World, about labor’s role in defending Native rights and fighting the pipeline companies. To see Patrick Burns and Gina Petry’s report-back from Standing Rock, click here.