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Declaración del Comité por el Reagrupamiento Internacional Revolucionario (CRIR): ¿Quién mató a Marielle y Anderson?

20 de marzo, 2018

Brasil y el mundo se han conmovido por el asesinato de Marielle Franco, mujer del consejo de la ciudad de Río de Janeiro, del PSOL (Partido del Socialismo y la Libertad) y quien conducía su automóvil Anderson Gomes el 15 de marzo de 2018. Millones han salido a las calles en Río y en otras ciudades… Read more »

Who killed Marielle and Anderson?

March 20, 2018

Statement from Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment on the assassination of Rio de Janeiro city councilwoman Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes.

BDS Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

February 7, 2018

With the support of his Rødt (Red) Party, Norwegian parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes nominated the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions movement for Palestinian rights for the Nobel Prize.

We stand with Tarneen Onus-Williams!

31 January 2018

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women in Australia oppose a media witch-hunt against the young Indigenous woman who chaired the 26 Jan. Invasion Day Rally in Melbourne.

Who’s pulling YOUR strings? The money manipulating the media

Summer/Autumn 2000

Did listeners find their views about the big four Australian banks “slowly shifting” over the past year? The views of John Laws, the immensely influential “shock jock” star of commercial radio’s 2UE certainly shifted. He changed from being stridently anti-bank, mirroring the resentment of his blue collar constituency — to urging “let’s be fair” approval…. Read more »