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Fundamentalist onslaught in Iraq: made in USA

August 2014

Ali supported the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein and worked for “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” All the more reason for his outrage at the destruction unfolding in Iraq. Now living in the Seattle area, he says, “I lost family! I lost my country! And all for this?” In mid-June, the Al Qaeda split-off, Islamic State in… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: More Israeli madness

August 2014

From the moment three Israeli teens disappeared on June 12, the government declared the Palestinian group Hamas guilty, and launched a revenge campaign on the West Bank. Soldiers sealed off entire towns, arrested more than 800, invaded homes, killed several Palestinians, and incited rightwing anti-Arab mobs in the streets of East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv…. Read more »

The boycott against Israel: which side is music on?

August 2014

Is art a vague, individualistic pursuit of human creativity, divorced from any other reality or social accountability? Can we act as artists and ignore others being starved, beaten and imprisoned around us? These are questions central to the culture boycott on Israel, in solidarity with Palestinians. Most prominent artists keep their distance from politics and… Read more »

Unstoppable revolt in the Middle East — Analysis: the US role and the road ahead

October 2014

The insurrections of the Arab Spring still live. The revolutionary shock waves that have brought new life to ancient lands, terrifying the powers-that-be, are not spent. Bloodthirsty reaction from dictators and jihadists and foreign masters continues to cause grim suffering and death. Gazan children killed by Israeli missiles while playing on a beach; “infidel” men… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the editor, October 2014

October 2014

WOMEN WARRIORS Mary Anne Grady Flores for free speech We sat stunned in the packed courtroom on July 10 as a town justice sentenced longtime Catholic Worker activist Mary Anne Grady Flores, grandmother of three, to a year in prison. Her crime? Being the first to allegedly violate an Order of Protection, issued to over… Read more »

An Israeli-born scholar discusses war hysteria and peace activism

October 2014

Raya Fidel, born and raised in Israel, is a retired professor of Information Science at the University of Washington. She was interviewed by Tamara Turner in August 2014. Tamara Turner — What is the situation in Gaza? Raya Fidel — It is gut-wrenching. The UN calls the level of destruction in Gaza “without precedent.” The… Read more »

The ISIS crisis, made by imperialism

December 2014

The barbarism of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has repulsed workers everywhere, especially in the Middle East. For every “jihadist” recruit, more fighters are taking up arms against it. Among the bravest are Kurdish women from Iraq and Syria. Washington screams “evil” at ISIS’ ruthless beheadings, but remains silent at the dozens… Read more »

Freedom Socialist newspaper Letters to the Editor — April 2015

April 2015

MIDDLE EAST Kurdish women I was glad to see something written in the paper about the current situation in the Middle East [The ISIS crisis, made by imperialism, Vol. 35, No. 6]. One thing that concerned me, however, was the phrase “Among the bravest are Kurdish women from Iraq and Syria”. For one, while Kurdish… Read more »

After the Netanyahu-Republican lovefest: What’s next for US relations with Israel?

June 2015

Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister of Israel for the third consecutive time on March 17. During his 9-year regime Israel’s economic situation has severely deteriorated. Israelis now suffer from massive privatization and outsourcing of government jobs, stagnating wages, and drastic cuts in education and social services. As the gap between the rich and… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — Charlie Hebdo: we got it wrong

June 2015

In the previous issue of the Freedom Socialist, we carried a story called “The Charlie Hebdo furor: when free speech collides with defense of the persecuted” (Vol. 36, No. 2). Unfortunately, in a rush to judgment, we seized the completely wrong end of the stick. Our big factual error was our characterization of Charlie Hebdo,… Read more »