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Bust the bigots: Religion is not a license to discriminate!

September 2018

Having been roundly trounced in the postal survey on same-sex marriage equality, the right wing has a new angle to pursue its reactionary social agenda: demands for religious freedom and a hysterical campaign of gender policing, especially in schools. The Ruddock review into religious freedom was established as a concession to the ultra-conservative faction in… Read more »

Confronting transphobia

April 2018

Transgender militants and supporters lead an aggressive fightback against Trump-era bigotry.

Tribute to gay rights pioneer Tamara Turner

June 2017

A foremother of the LGBTQ movement, Tamara Turner graduated from the anti-gay 1950s school of hard knocks. She played a crucial role in shaping the Freedom Socialist Party’s (FSP) groundbreaking program for queer liberation. She was a historian of the gay movement, an ardent bibliophile, and a brilliant satirist who filled her 77 years with… Read more »