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Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

August 2011

BORDER PATROL A tragic death I want to tell your readers about the unnecessary tragic death of Benjamin Roldan Salinas on May 14, 2011. That day seven Border Patrol vehicles systematically swept through the one-stoplight town of Forks, Wash. They chased, corralled, and terrorized non-white people. Even native tribal members were held until they could… Read more »

DATELINE AUSTRALIA — Queer rights in Indonesia: two steps forward, one step back

August 2011

To Australia’s north lies Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation, where queer rights activists are showing a new combativeness. In May, delegates from organisations representing workers, women, farmers, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, sex workers, and refugee organisations met in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta for the Civil Society Conference of the Association of… Read more »

Why I am a Radical Woman

October 2011

I am a first-generation Chicana, a mother and teacher, born and raised in South Los Angeles. I also happen to be a socialist feminist, an atheist, and a queer, whose very existence is a challenge to capitalism. Fortunately, I was raised to think critically and search for ways to transform the world. Who were my… Read more »

Letters to the editor – Freedom Socialist newspaper – December 2011

December 2011

EVEN THE RAIN Key role of women It was thrilling to see a review of Even the Rain, a movie made about the water wars in Bolivia, published in the Freedom Socialist [Class struggle challenges bourgeois art-making, Vol. 32, No. 5].  As an anti-privatization activist, I completely agree that the lessons about class lines in this… Read more »

Next step for the Occupy movement: uniting labor and the dispossessed

December 2011

The first months of the Occupy Wall Street movement have been filled with growing pains — many caused by the rough chafing of plastic zip-tie handcuffs. The camps are important free-speech centers, a long overdue mass protest of the capitalist austerity program. Hopefully, the movement will be able to turn the tide against the police… Read more »

FS editorial — More states say “I do”

April 2012

In two victories for queer rights, Maryland and Washington recently joined six other states in making same-sex marriage legal. Another win was scored in February when an appeals court ruled that the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in California served no purpose other than to “lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians.” The… Read more »

Kick-ass feminist revival in New York City

August 2012

The past year has seen nationwide (and global) SlutWalks to end the blaming and shaming of sexual assault victims, feminist general assemblies where women are challenging sexism within the Occupy Wall Street movement, and marches to Unite Against the War on Women protesting ongoing legislative and political attacks. Feminism is in the air! Unsatisfied with… Read more »

Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

August 2012

Four years ago I voted for the Lesser Evil and hoped the Change the candidate promised would better the lives of thousands of homeless people, grant citizenship to undocumented workers, end gender inequities, and extend federal legal protection to same-sex couples. Instead, what these years gave us was a punch on the nose. The president… Read more »

Honduras — Entrevista con el organizador Pepe Palacios: Un orgulloso luchador gay de la resistencia habla abiertamente

junio de 2013

Pepe Palacios es miembro del Movimiento de Diversidad Sexual en Resistencia (MDR), organización lésbica, gay, bisexual y transgénero de Honduras. Forma parte del comité directivo del Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular, amplia coalición que se opone al gobierno actual, el cual tomó el poder durante un golpe de estado respaldado por los EEUU que derrocó… Read more »

Interview with Honduran gay resistance fighter Pepe Palacios

June 2013

Pepe Palacios is a member of the Movement for Sexual Diversity in Resistance (MDR), a Honduran lesbian, gay, bi and transgender organization. He is on the steering committee of the National Front of Popular Resistance, a broad coalition that opposes the current government, which took power in the 2009 U.S.-backed coup d’état that ousted elected… Read more »