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Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

August 2013

GUN VIOLENCE — BIG RESPONSE! Gutsy piece I appreciated the article on guns and self-defense [Vol. 34, No. 3, “A socialist take on gun violence, state violence, and workers’ right to self-defense”]. It’s a gutsy piece, given how easily it can be misinterpreted or misused. I just read the book, The Rebellious Life of Mrs…. Read more »

Soapbox: Your mind, privatized

December 2013

I am a practicing neurologist. To me, the brain is the most fascinating entity in the universe. A physical structure which enables us to manipulate tools and communicate using language, it also allows us to rationally probe the unknown and progress in our ability to satisfy human and planetary needs. It is the most advanced… Read more »

Freedom Socialist newspaper Letters to the Editor, February 2014

February 2014

SOCIALIST CANDIDATES Dangers of reformism Your recent article, “Sign of the times: Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative unseats Seattle Democrat” [Vol. 34, No. 6], does an excellent job of connecting this local victory to the wider struggle. I particularly like how Linda Averill points out the dangers of reformism and opportunism. I’m familiar with Socialist… Read more »

Freedom Socialist opinion: Time for action, no time to lament

April 2014

My granny was a single mom with nine children ranging from pre-teen to their 30’s by the time I came along. Mom was also on her own, with me. They rented a house and together supported the family. Grandma, the expert cook, with her food stand in El Mercado de San Martin, a small city… Read more »

RUSSIA: What the Ukraine crisis reveals about the post-Soviet state

April 2014

From the Sochi Olympic Games to the eruption in Ukraine that sparked Russia’s move into Crimea, recent developments have put Russia in the spotlight. But what do the complex events mean? Both Western and Russian mainstream media offer smoke and mirrors, not clarity. Only a look at history and class interests can pierce the fog…. Read more »

Freedom Socialist book review — Imagine Living In a Socialist USA, by Paul Street

April 2014

It is progress that a book entitled Imagine Living In a Socialist USA has been published by Harper, a major mainstream publisher. The brief first section, “What’s Wrong With Capitalism?” by Paul Street outlines the ruthlessness of the capitalist system, its incompatibility with democracy, and why our survival depends on pushing it off the stage… Read more »

Venezuela — Amenazas imperialistas y los límites del populismo

junio de 2014

Cada vez que la clase obrera y los pobres de América Latina tratan de dar un paso adelante y escribir su propia historia, se enfrentan al poder del imperialismo de EEUU, el cual utiliza lo que está de moda en ese momento — golpes de estado, bloqueos, movimientos de protesta fabricados, referendos o sanciones comerciales… Read more »

Venezuela: Imperialist threats and the limits of populism

June 2014

Every time the working class and poor of Latin America try to take a step forward and write their own history they confront the power of U.S. imperialism. It uses whatever is in fashion at the time — coups, blockades, manufactured protest movements, referendums or trade sanctions — to turn back the clock. When longstanding… Read more »

In celebration of a Native American Thanksgiving feast

October 2014

The following salute was given at the Thanksgiving Day celebration in honor of Native Americans held on Nov. 24, 2010 at New Freeway Hall in Seattle, WA. The speaker was Anne Guerry Hoddersen, International Secretary for the Freedom Socialist Party. We all know that Columbus and the Pilgrims got everything wrong when they landed on… Read more »