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Freedom Socialist editorial — Lessons of Wisconsin

April 2015

So-called right-to-work laws have made the U.S. South a bastion of low wages and working-class misery for more than 50 years. Now reactionary forces, bankrolled by big business and armed with lies, hope to extend their reach. And they are making progress. Also dubbed “right to starve,” these laws enable individual employees to enjoy the… Read more »

LABOR WEATHER REPORT — A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

April 2015

February 2015 — Where’s the aloha? Kaiser Permanente health workers in Hawaii strike for six days after management offers puny pay raises, tries to end guaranteed pensions for new hires, and refuses to address safe staffing levels. A rally during the walkout garners enormous labor and community support. February 2015 — Dastardly diplomats. A report… Read more »

Tesoro oil refinery workers demand right to clock out alive

April 2015

The workers above are picketing their plant, the Tesoro oil refinery in Anacortes, Wash., on Valentines Day. They are members of United Steelworkers, which launched a national strike on Feb. 1, 2015, over severe safety problems across the industry. Other issues were maintaining benefits and stopping outsourcing of routine maintenance. Some of these picketers remembered… Read more »

La demanda contra el sindicato de maestros de California amenaza a todo el movimiento laboral

junio de 2015

Esta primavera en el estado de Washington, miles de maestros abandonaron sus puestos de trabajo para protestar contra el desfinanciamiento de la educación pública. En Wisconsin en 2011, los maestros fueron líderes de la ocupación histórica de la capital del estado, mientras protestaban contra la campaña del Gobernador para prohibir el derecho de negociación colectiva… Read more »

“Right to work” lawsuit threatens all unions: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

June 2015

In Washington state this spring, thousands of teachers walked off their jobs to protest chronic underfunding of public education. In Wisconsin in 2011, teachers were leaders in the historic occupation of the state capitol in Madison, as they protested their governor’s push to outlaw collective bargaining rights for public workers. Given these actions and the… Read more »

Closing the gender pay gap: what will it take?

June 2015

The battle for equal pay for women has gained attention recently, although it’s simmered for decades. In the 1950s, women got 60 cents for every dollar paid to men. Sixty years later, they still earn only 78 cents for every dollar paid to men. Closing the gap by less than half a penny a year… Read more »

Adjunct professors: academia’s overstressed, underpaid labor force

June 2015

Like most adjunct professors, Mick Parsons, an instructor in Louisville, Ky., lectures at several institutions to earn a salary that works out to less than minimum wage, with no benefits. Adjuncts have short-term contracts and often must prepare for their courses without offices or even desks of their own on-site. Adjuncts are joining together to… Read more »

The unstoppable fight for $15: Low-wage workers won’t take no for an answer

June 2015

From the early scattered strikes against Burger King and McDonald’s, the movement for $15 an hour has blossomed, logging many small but growing victories in cities and states across the U.S. Equally thrilling, it is inspiring legions of workers trapped in poverty to demand even more. In April, strikes and actions targeted 236 cities across… Read more »

I was a pieceworker for Google

June 2015

Working in a call center is pure hell. I was hired by a company that manages the 24/7 call center that contracts tech support for Google, the developer of the Android operating system that runs the smart phone you may have in your pocket. Eight months later, I was fired. This experience has given me… Read more »