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Union movement key to defeating Abbott and Hockey's budget
FSP Australia statement to commemorate International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

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International Day of Protest for Nestora Salgado
Movie Screening: City of Borders
Day of Action: Give the World Congress of Families the Welcome It Deserves!

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Thursday, 7 August, 21 August and 4 September 6:00 PM

Free Nestora Salgado organising meetings

Organising is now underway for an international day of action to free Mexican political prisoner, Nestora Salgado. Nestora is an indigenous leader who is being held in a Mexican jail. Mexican federal soldiers seized her without an arrest warrant last August as a result of her leadership role in community policing against organised crime, which has terrorised the indigenous communities of the state of Guerrero over the last several years.

The international day action will coincide with the first anniversary of her jailing. Supporters in Australia are planning a Melbourne speak-out.

These organising meetings will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

Australian supporters of the campaign to free Nestora Salgado are: Anarchist Black Cross, Far North Queensland Deaths in Custody Watch Group, Freedom Socialist Party, Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne, Indigenous Social Justice Association – Sydney, LASNET, Radical Women, Ray Jackson, Sam Watson, Sharon Firebrace and Viv Malo.

For more information or to endorse the campaign contact Free Nestora Salgado Australian campaign coordinator, Alison Thorne on 0411 080 031 or

Saturday, 30 August, from 8:00 AM

Day of Action: Give the World Congress of Families the Welcome It Deserves!

This network of anti-woman, homophobic and transphobic hate groups will soon gather in Melbourne. Victoria’s Attorney-General Robert Clark will welcome them. Key leaders of the Abbott government are also involved: Kevin Andrews, Minister for Social Services, and Eric Abetz, Minister for Employment and slasher of the public sector. So are parliamentary notables: anti-abortion crusaders, Bernie Finn and Fred Nile, and Cory Bernardi, know for his homophobic and anti-Muslim zealotry. The event is a coming together of a far-right movement, which brought us the May budget and is behind the union busting, attacks on the unemployed, assault on women’s reproductive rights, defunding of women’s refuges, Aboriginal services and LGBTI health programs, rising student debt, anti-protest laws, Northern Territory Intervention, Operation Sovereign Borders, backing of Israel’s terror on the Palestinians and other horrors.

Unite to beat back the far-right: Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Right to Organise!

8.00 am: Action to unwelcome and disrupt the WCF event—banners, placards & noise are most welcome
11.00 am: Equal Love rally and speakout
12.30 pm: Block Party Against Hate

Venue: St Cecelia’s Parish Church, 37 Hillside Parade, Glen Iris For information and updates email Freedom Socialist Party or call 03-9388-0062.

Saturday, 6 September, 7:00 PM

In solidarity with the people of Gaza and with LGBT people everywhere! Special movie screening City of Borders

City of Borders is an award winning feature length documentary that goes inside the vibrant community at Shushan, the only gay bar in Jerusalem, where people of varied nationalities, religions and sexual orientations unite in a common purpose to support a gay pride parade amid fierce opposition from fundamentalist Jews and Muslims.

You’ll meet Boody, a Muslim Palestinian. Self-professed as Palestine’s “first and only drag queen,” Boody regularly sneaks over the border to be with friends. Adam is an Israeli gay man and atheist, who was stabbed in a homophobic assault during a Pride Parade. Israeli Jew, Ravit, and Samira, a Palestinian, have been a happy couple ever since they met at the hospital, where they both work. These women accept their different religions and heritage. Still, Samira recognises that most Israelis would rather their child be gay than to have them marry a Palestinian.

This documentary shows that condemnation of the LGBT community is a unifying cause across religious lines. This small queer community in Jerusalem has seen Muslims, Christians and Jews unite.

Movie screening will be followed by supper and drinks. Tickets, inclusive of movie and supper, are $30 solidarity price, $20 waged and $10 low income. Doors open 6:30 pm, screening at 7 pm. The movie screening will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

Hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party. For more information or to book, contact or call 03- 9388-0062.

27 September (Every 4th Saturday), 9:30 AM

All Out to Defend the Fertility Control Clinic!

For the first time in 10 years, anti-abortionists are trying to take over the space outside the Fertility Control Clinic, which the clinic defence has successfully blocked them from. Their monthly “Rosary Parade” now marches around the block several times, directly past the clinic entrance. A group of foetus worshippers stand outside the gate, shoving their plastic effigies of “unborn babies” and a placard saying “Abortion is murder” in the faces of clinic clients and passers by.

These harassers are part of an escalated assault on abortion rights, orchestrated by the far-right movement in Australia: personhood bills in New South Wales and South Australia, the upcoming battle in Victoria’s Parliament that threatens to roll back the historic abortion reform in 2008, and a likely attack at the federal level. 2014 will be a year of fighting for reproductive freedom. The clinic defence needs large numbers to defend the street and build a movement that will fight back. Join the clinic defence at 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne.

For more information email or phone 03-9388-0062.

Sunday, 16 November, 2:00 PM

Rally Against Abbott

Join the Freedom Socialist Party contingent at the Melbourne mass Rally Against Abbott. Held to coincide with the Leaders Summit of the G20 in Brisbane, the eyes of the world will be on Australia. There will mass rallies in all Australian capital cities at the same time to protest against the Abbott governments’ anti working class agenda.

We’ll be assembling 1:45 PM at the Queen Victoria Gardens.

To join our contingent email Freedom Socialist Party or call 03-9388-0062.