Melbourne, Australia

Solidarity Salon

580 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Victoria 3056 Australia
(take the Upfield train to Anstey
Station or North Coburg tram to Stewart St.)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 308,
Victoria 3056
Tel/fax: 03-9388-0062

Public Hours
Tuesday 10 am - 3 pm,
Thursday 10 am - 3 pm,
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm.
Or call for an appointment!

Union movement key to defeating Abbott and Hockey's budget
FSP Australia statement to commemorate International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

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Every Wednesday, 6 May – 13 July, 6:30 PM

Reading and discussion circle — Talking Back: Voices of Color

Talking Back is a new anthology featuring an unusually diverse group of writers speaking out on issues affecting communities of colour. Contributors share tales of survival, uncover little-known history and the roots of oppression, plus offer strategies to resist and win. This reading circle will explore the thought-provoking ideas put forward by these grassroots rebel leaders and apply them to the everyday struggles against injustice that we face in this country. Everyone is welcome!

13 May: Stand up, fight back — leaders of colour talking back!
20 May: Reading, writing — resistance!
27 May: Crimes of punishment
3 June: The border crossed us
10 June: Sisters doing it
17 June: Speaking from the heart
24 June: A global lens
1 July: Shaking it up
8 July: In their footsteps

Join us for a healthy dinner, catering for varied diets, at 6:30 pm for a $8.50 donation. The discussion commences at 7:00 pm.

The reading and discussion circle will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

Talking Back is available for $20 from Solidarity Salon. Pre-reading for the first session is available by email on request.

Co-hosted by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party

Sunday, 28 June, 6:00 PM

Stonewall movie screening: The World Unseen

Celebrate the 46th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots!

Melbourne Radical Women invites you to a special movie screening of The World Unseen.

This drama, which got rave reviews in the LGBTIQ media, is set in the 1950s in Cape Town, South Africa as the nakedly inhuman, hellish system of institutionalized white supremacy known as apartheid took shape. It tells a moving story as two Indian South African women fall in love in a racist, sexist and homophobic society.

MC, Lisa Farrell, will pay tribute to the Stonewall rebels and introduce the film. Lisa is a queer public sector unionist, a campaigner to stop deaths in custody and a member of Radical Women’s “Zine Team.”

After the screening, enjoy a South African style supper that will rival what one of the film’s heroines – the free spirited Amina – would cook up at her Location Café, which defies convention by welcoming diners of all races.

Supper and movie is $10 unwaged, $15 waged and $20 solidarity price. The bar will be open and you can discuss the film, apartheid, racism, sexism and homophobia in 2015 and find out more about how to get involved with Radical Women.

The screening will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

Proceeds from this event will benefit Radical Women.

For more information contact 03-9388-062 or

Saturday, 11 July, 2:00 PM

Speak out in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu Jamal is in a Medical Crisis. One month after falling into diabetic shock, his health is currently in a stable but serious condition. He is currently in the prison infirmary, where his family and lawyer are frequently denied visitation. Mumia was denied access to his outside doctor and he has not received a diagnosis or a treatment plan.

On 30 March, Mumia lost consciousness and was moved to the Intensive Care unit at Schuylkill Medical Center. His blood sugar count was at 779: he was in diabetic shock. His sodium level was 160. Since January, Mumia has received inadequate and detrimental treatment for a severe case of eczema. His life threatening medical crisis continues and has now been labeled late-onset diabetes, which should have been identified and treated months ago.

Come to a speak-out at the U.S. Consulate, 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

We demand:
• Unrestricted hospital visitations by Mumia’s family
• Access for his attorneys
• Stop the U.S. state’s attempt to murder Mumia by medical mistreatment
• Release Mumia from prison to obtain needed health care

Organised by Doin Time prisoners’ rights show on 3CR and Anarchist Black Cross Melbourne and supported by the Freedom Socialist Party.

To participate with us, please contact FSP: or 03-9388-0062.

Saturday, 18 July, Noon

Stamp out fascism before it grows! Melbourne counter-rally against Reclaim Australia

Reclaim Australia has called another round of anti-Muslim rallies. They will try to assemble on July 18 in Melbourne and on July 19 in other cities across Australia.

Just as Nazis in the 1930s used anti-semitism to build a violent movement against the entire working class and all minorities, today’s fascists are whipping up hatred against Muslims. We need to stop them!

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism is mobilising a counter-demonstration to start one hour before Reclaim Australia’s. Rally noon at State Parliament Spring Street, Melbourne.

Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party will have a joint contingent to build the anti-fascist presence and to safeguard our numbers. To join the contingent, please contact RW: or 03-9388-0062.

Saturday 8 August, 11:00 AM

Justice for Ms Dhu – first anniversary speak-out

A year after the death in custody of 22-year-old, Yamtji woman, Julieka Dhu, deaths in custody continue.

West Australians are still being jailed for unpaid fines. In the Northern Territory people can be locked up on a whim under a new paperless arrest regime.

It is almost as if the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody never took place.

Recommendation 87 was “Arrest people only when there is no other way of dealing with the problem” and Recommendation 92 stated ‘“Imprisonment should be utilised only as a sanction of last resort.” Recommendation 121 is for old fines to be waived, which is the total opposite of WA’s current ‘prison for fines’ policy.

Join us to demand:
Justice for Ms Dhu and all who have died in custody
Full implementation of all of the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
Implement measures to give the community control over the police
Build Communities — NOT Prisons!

Rally on the steps of the old GPO, corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne.

This Melbourne speak-out will be held in conjunction with actions in other parts of the country.

Organised by the Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne

Endorsed by Anarchist Black Cross, Doing Time Show 3CR, Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Women, Socialist Alliance.