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Friday 10 February, 6:00 pm

Take a stand against the far right: protest the Q Society

Far right luminaries, Cory Bernardi and George Christensen are speaking in Melbourne at a Q Society fundraising dinner. Campaign Against Racism and Fascism has called a counter-protest.

The dinner is to raise cash for the legal defence of known Islamophobes: Q Society of Australia members, Kirralie Smith and Debbie Robinson. They have been charged with defamation by Mr Mohamed El-Mouehly (Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd) for their role in whipping up a racist scare campaign against Halal food.

The Q Society, which is the political arm of the Australian Liberty Alliance, focuses on anti-Islam. ALA’s electoral platform is more explicit about Q Society’s broader agenda. It is anti-union and anti-choice. It is against marriage equality and believes in the “natural family.” It is also against “special” treatment, which is code for opposition to any measures designed to address oppression including programs specifically for First Nations people.

Take a stand against the far right. Join the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women contingent at this counter protest.

Facebook event: CLICK HERE

Contact us as email or call 03 9388 0062

Wednesday 18 January, 6:30 pm then every second Wednesday ending 29 March

Study circle – Imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism

Have you ever wondered if desperate poverty, filthy rich entrepreneurs, endless war, oppression and shrinking opportunities for working people are all that we have to look forward to? Imperialism — monopoly capitalism — is this system’s ultimate stage, and it’s riddled with contradictions.

This study group will discuss Lenin’s Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism for an understanding of increasing monopolisation, wars over territories and profit and much more. We’ll learn how Lenin, the great Russian revolutionary leader, is as relevant now as he was when he wrote this text 100 years ago.

This classic draws on earlier works by Marx, Engels and writers of the time to explain the development of capitalism throughout the 20th century and beyond. We’ll also discover how to tackle dying capitalism and avoid the bear traps along the way and appreciate how the current system has evolved. If you want to understand imperialism and then fight to overturn the system that created it, this study group is for you.

Dinner, catering for vegetarians and vegans, served at 6:30 pm for an $8.50 donation. The discussion kicks off at 7 pm.

The discussion, hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

For more information or discussion questions email or call 03 9388 0062