What we stand for

The Freedom Socialist Bulletin aims to boldly confront and explain what is behind the permanent turmoil of our world.

We fight against the multiple tyrannies produced by the system of production for private profit, and we call that system by its right name: capitalism. That's why we follow the lead of history's great working class revolutionaries — Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Fraser.

We also recognise and honour today's leaders: people of colour, sexual and national minorities and the bold anticapitalist young people who are essential if we are to win the global class struggle.

We're Marxist Feminists. We fight for women's liberation, because true freedom for women challenges every single basis on which capitalism rests. We're lesbian/gay/bi/transgender liberationists, unionists, and implacable fighters for Indigenous rights and the rights of all oppressed people because not one of us will be truly free unless all of us are truly free.

Above all we're optimists. Capitalism will destroy us and our planet if it can. But we have confidence that the oppressed of the world will not permit this. We face a decisive struggle for the future of the Earth. That's why we intend to strengthen the working class movement in Australia and our region by building the radical leadership that will sweep away oppression and build the just world that we can and must have.