Elephant and donkey puppets by Folkmanis

us elections

The grand illusion

Is this what democracy looks like? Also: FSP recommendations for the 2016 election.

Andrea Bauer


A message from Dallas

Ongoing racist executions by police demand a vast and inclusive movement to defend the struggle against police repression.

guest book review

Between the World and Me

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book, boldly takes on systemic racism in the U.S.A. and demands “Whose life matters the most, and why?”

Helen Collier

police state

To curb police brutality in NYC

Join the NYC grass roots Campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board.


Neoliberalism is a dud

Even some of the wonks at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) admit the system has fostered a little “inequality.” Ya think?

Dennis Sanders


Kurds as scapegoats

Turkish president blames Kurdish independence fighters for acts of terror against civilians.

letters to the editor

A family fights for long-denied justice ...

Plus: a timely appeal from the Rosenberg Fund for Children; why anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism; and more.

Kids walking near oil refinery


“Our health is not for sale!”

A southern Los Angeles neighborhood stands up to racist drilling practices. (English, español)

Lummi celebrate win

native american movement

A big win for treaty rights

Fighting to save fishing rights and prevent extensive pollution, the Lummi tribe took on the coal industry.

Three sprinters

dateline australia

Anti-racist unity at 1968 Olympics

The little-known story of an Australian sprinter’s solidarity with U.S. Black medalists.

Marching in Santa Ana for Orlando


Anguish and anger

The unacknowledged roots of the Orlando massacre.

I stand for licenced teachers


Teach For America

Despite its attraction for young aspiring teachers, TFA might more properly be called “Teach for Corporate America.”

Our Walmart activists


Our side on the move

A strike wave in France; a legal blow to scabs; and resistance to Walmart.

Saving Capitalism cover detail


Striking Mexican teachers

Public outraged at the government’s murderous attempts to smash teachers’ unions.