Background: The Petare slums of Caracas


The “American Centuries”

Three stories investigate the term and the global wreckage left in its wake: a scathing look at the history, from Henry Luce to Barack Obama; an explanation of imperialism’s role in the rise of ISIS; and why U.S. soldiers need a union.

Monica Hill, Steven Strauss, Steve Hoffman

political prisoners

Rasmea Odeh and the “war on dissent”

The conviction of this Palestinian feminist and activist should give every U.S. resident pause.

Robin Strauss


The world doesn’t suck

At least not all the time. Twenty examples of good stuff from 2014.

Dennis Sanders

book review

Self-defense and civil rights

Hidden history: the vital role played by armed self-defense in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s South, as told by an organizer of the time.

Bernadette Logue


Midterm elections: a case of the blahs

The lowest turnout in 72 years speaks volumes.


Ferguson, Missouri

Whose community are they protecting, anyway?


The FSP and minimum wage

A job posting fuels righteous indignation among right-wingers.

Doug Barnes


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.


Len Stephan, 1936-2014

Environmentalist, musician, and longtime friend of the Freedom Socialist Party.

letters to the editor

United front needed …

Plus views on immigration, Lyvette Crespo, and more.

Protesting for housing


Creeping privatization in Harlem

Developers are aiming at public schools and housing; on the other side of the country, Seattle tenants face off against massive rent hikes.

Teachers vs. police


Massacre of students sparks outrage

In Mexico, a corrupt system continues to prey on the vulnerable and repress resisters. English, Spanish

Monument Valley

voices of color

Major victory for tenacious Navajos

Why Uncle Sam has settled over $500 million on the country’s largest Indian nation — and what remains to be won.

Public worker protest in Detroit


The war on your retirement

The new wage theft: disappearing pensions and a bull’s-eye on Social Security.

200,000 strong


South African unionists break with ANC

The anti-apartheid movement is still evolving, as resistance grows among workers, youth, and the poor.

Bernie Sanders


Class lines at the ballot box

What happens to the message when socialists make electoral alliances with Greens and liberals?

Love Mother Earth


Green without the greed

The People’s Climate March included refreshingly diverse viewpoints — but ecosocialism could tie it all together.