Time for unity!

Defense by unions crucial for immigrant workers. (English, español)

Linda Averill

us politics

Meet the Freedom Caucus

What do they stand for? Certainly not freedom!

Steven Strauss


US armed forces in Costa Rica

Is the Southern Command aiding — or invading?

Andrea Bauer


Why I joined the FSP

Getting energized and organizing in New York City and Baltimore.

Sue Mi Ko

book excerpt

100 Years of Labor in the USA

A cruelly missed opportunity: Black and white workers after the Civil War.


Mumia Abu-Jamal

Medical treatment at last and a glimmer of hope for the longtime political prisoner.


Defend Palestinian hunger strikers

And end U.S. aid to Israel!


Democracy hypocrisy

Trump provides a teaching moment.

book review

Trotsky in New York, 1917

On the eve of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky lived for ten weeks in New York City. A rare look at this little-known chapter in his life.

Sukey Wolf


Matriarchy came first

Frederick Engels’ assertions on the origins of the family are confirmed by modern science.

Henry Noble

political prisoners

Rasmea Odeh forced to take plea

The current political climate left her no choice.

Helen Gilbert


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Lois Danks

letters to the editor

Rise of the robots ...

Union organizing at Amazon, and a memorial project for Lynne Stewart.

Protest in St Petersburg


Putin’s Russia

While a regime goes for the strongman, Russians go hungry.



The almighty dollar

In U.S. currency we trust. But should we?

Tamara and Baby

in memoriam

Gay rights pioneer Tamara Turner

Historian, wit, and flagrant socialist feminist.

NYC phone bank

fund drive

Help the FS soar

Thanks to the work by friends and FSP members, the Freedom Socialist newspaper is heading down the home stretch of its 4-month fund drive.

Sally McManus

dateline australia

“Break unjust laws”

The first female head of the Australian Coucil of Trade Unions breaks a few traditions.

Without Science It’s Just Fiction


On behalf of Planet Earth

A big win for Don’t Frack Maryland, the enduring pipeline fight; and millions march for science worldwide.

Venus Williams


A big win for women’s sports

Hockey and soccer players score huge wage increases after a stunning show of solidarity from other sports, including men’s teams.

$1.5 trillion spent by world on war


The madness of militarization

In the United States, war as foreign policy is becoming business as usual.