food prices and drought


Food prices, drought, and poverty

Drought in California and Brazil, fast-food workers on food stamps: these are not “natural” conditions.

Dennis Sanders


Microfinance: fact vs. fantasy

A critical look at the spread of the entrepreneurial gospel through microloans.

Lois Danks


World Beat

South Sudan war; the sham of democracy in Afghanistan; and “clean fracking.”

Monica Hill, Tamara Turner, Chris Smith


Time for action, no time to lament

An immigrant from El Salvador explains what the discovery of class consciousness has meant in her life.

Karla Alegria

book review

Socialism on Main Street

A mainstream publisher offers up a book on a socialist USA — imagine that!

Dave Schmauch


$15 an hour compromise

The worst kind of loss: giving up without a fight.


Eddie Conway freed!

But other unjustly imprisoned Black Panthers continue to languish.


Immigrant hunger strikes

From Washington state to Texas, undocumented workers fight for justice.


Francis fawning

The pope, an LGBT advocate? Not so much.

letters to the editor

Readers respond to recent stories on ...

Immigrant bashing, rape on campus, and universal healthcare.

Church and State


Russia and Ukraine

Making sense of events with a brief investigation into class interests, current and former.

Late for school

people of color

Education, not incarceration!

Los Angeles youth push back against the toxic — and racist — school-to-prison pipeline.

Nestora Salgado

indigenous rights

Nestora Salgado and the right of civilian self-defense

Two stories about community police forces in Mexico (English, español) and support for one of their jailed commanders (English, español).

Aborto Libre


Spain is for choice

But right-wing politicians are pushing through a near-ban on abortion.

Child Safety Now


From campus to carwash

Los Angeles workers are making waves.

Paid In Full


Unpacking the JPMorgan Chase scandals

The giant bank brushes off $100 million fines like so many pesky flies. Where is the outrage?

Stop Staples


The U.S. mail is not for sale

A fresh start in the battle to save public jobs — and the not-for-profit post office.