Fight, resist, survive, exist


“Religious Liberty”

The right wing’s unholy weapon against social progress is decades old.

Sukey Wolf


Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

Congressional solution threatens to make impoverishment even worse.

Yuisa Gimeno

people of color

Revolutionary Integration

A controversial theory for radical change that opposes Black Nationalism and relies on Black leadership for U.S. revolution.


Islamaphobia: the new “Red” scare

Fearmongering, hysteria, intolerance, racism ... yes, it’s yet another manufactured witch-hunt.

Megan Cornish


Solidarity with Verizon strikers

Stand up to union busting now.


Trump’s dangerous energy advisor

He loves coal and denies climate change.


Harsh austerity hits Greeks

European bankers should cancel the debt.


Labor Beat

Organizing Uber; eyewitness report on the Chicago teacher’s strike; and how mandatory arbitration guts workers’ rights.

Bernadette Logue and Doreen McGrath


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

letters to the editor

Mexican union leader jailed

Also: BYU blames sexual assault victims, and more.

Bernie Sanders supporter


US left on Bernie Sanders

Socialist parties not running presidential candidates weigh in on Sanders’ candidacy. (English, español)

FSP marching in Los Angeles


Freedom Socialist Party at 50

A look at the happy union of Bolshevism and feminism — fifty years and going strong!

Honda workers strike in China


China’s rising strike wave

Workers in China face an uphill battle for independent unions.

Nestora Salgado freed

political prisoners

Nestora Salgado freed

International campaign wins freedom as fight continues to free political prisoners in Mexico.

Trans activist Reina Gossett

radical women

Trans trailblazers

Since Compton and Stonewall, trans activists have been in the forefront of the struggle for equal rights for all.

Fumigating a porch in El Salvador


Zika virus: a preventable crisis

This disease that hits the impoverished hardest could have been thwarted decades ago.

Saving Capitalism cover detail

book review

Saving Capitalism

What’s to save?

Occupy info booth


Horizontalism falls flat

Does a leaderless movement mean more democracy? Nay, it does not.