Port of Genoa, Italy.

European dockworkers disrupt war machine

Port worker unions in France and Italy recently protested and struck, keeping Saudi ships from being loaded with weapons bound for attacks on Yemen.
Greyhound Bus

Build solidarity and worker power to end Greyhound collaboration with ICE!

Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere (F.I.R.E.) & the International Workers Solidarity Network (IWSN) call for the immediate end of Greyhound’s collaboration with ICE.
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Raised fist in a broken chain next to the phrase "Free all political prisoners"

A farewell from one class-war prisoner to another

Political prisoner Jaan Laaman pays tribute to his Ohio 7 comrade Tom Manning, who died at Hazelton prison on July 30.
Selection of vegetables and fruits

Tell the Trump Administration: Hands off SNAP!

It’s unacceptable to take food away from working families, children, seniors and people with disabilities.
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Chelsea Manning at "A Night for Freedom" protest Jan. 20, 2018. PHOTO: Manolo Luna.

Judge Won’t Reconsider $1,000-Per-Day Fines for Chelsea Manning

From truthout, recent news about the government's persecution of whistleblower Chelsea Manning.
New York Taxi Workers Alliance rally for Uber strikers, Long Island City, New York, May 2019. PHOTO: Jonathan Sperling

Drivers’ strike spoils Uber stock launch

App-based gig workers organizing against wage theft and unreasonable firings are attracting public support.
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