Turkish soldiers with their vehicles conduct patrols outside Manbij, Syria.

No to the invasion and occupation of northeastern Syria by the Turkish army

The Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists explains the motives behind Turkey's third invasion of Syria since 2016.
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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Free Mumia now!

Repressed evidence shows Mumia deserves freedom now and restitution for time served.
Editorial, political prisoners
Kurdish guerillas

Stand with the Kurdish resistance!

Donald Trump announced that the United States would once again abandon the Kurdish people to the regional powers that deny them sovereignty and threaten their very survival.
Foreground: a woman with red handprints painted on her face, fist raised. Background: green, yellow, orange and red striped flag; people holding signs, including one that reads "POR LOS 4,645 MUERTOS."

Puerto Rico: Feminists and union teachers key to uprising

This historic moment could go beyond kicking out corrupt politicians.
A coal miner sitting in front of yellow mining helmets

Harlan County miners say “no pay, we stay”

Unpaid for coal they produced, they're blockading company trains.
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A uniformed woman with "POLICE/HSI printed on her back faces the background where a long line of people are waiting.

Anti-union ICE raids

The war on immigrants is a war on all workers.