The cover of The Poverty Industry book, with a background of run-down buildings.

Exposing the greedy bastards who prey on poor people

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the sharp inequities in the U.S. into sharp relief. But they have always been there, and this book explains the role of business and government collusion.
Book Review, economy, healthcare, Inequality
Two children holding plastic jugs walk away from the camera past a pile of rubble. One of the children is looking over her shoulder smiling.

Yemen devastated while the world looks away

Humanitarian aid to Yemen dwindles as bombings, pandemics, locust swarms and famine bring genocide.
Tanzima Akter, works as a community facilitator under the LIUPC project of UNDP Bangladesh. Here she is distributing anti-bacterial and disinfecting soap to a family in Dhaka.

The tasks of socialists in the new international situation

This is a moment of crisis and agony for workers and oppressed people around the world, especially women. But it is also a moment of openings for socialist advocacy.
Seen from the back, a man in very casual attire sits in front of a desktop computer and two laptop computers. A shelf full of books is perched above his head.

Working from home: who wins, who loses?

Does the reality live up to the hype?
COVID-19, labor
Flood politics under capitalism

Flood politics under capitalism

From 2018, an exploration of the relationship between poverty and the harm caused by storm floods related to climate change.
environment, From the Archive
Seven people, all wearing masks and rubber gloves, pose beside boxes of supplies.

Navajo Nation’s uphill battle against Covid-19

In the face of deadly U.S. government indifference, women lead the charge in caring for the sick and elderly.
A photo collage depicting two hands juggling a jar of coins, a spatula, a book, a box wrench, and a clock.

Working moms are never in shutdown

Oakland plumber and mother recounts the trials and tribulations of keeping it all together during Covid-19.
People marching with a large banner that reads AUSTRALIA: HANDS OFF TIMOR OIL. Another sign has a kangaroo graphic and the text MEDIAN LINE = 1/2 WAY. referencing the median line.

Book review: Oil Under Troubled Water — how Australia exploited Timor-Leste

"Oil Under Troubled Water" explores Australia’s dirty deals with Timor-Leste. It’s an education every working person needs.