La situación de los Estados Unidos

26 de octubre 2020

Esta versión corrige algunos errores fácticos. Hoy día, la crisis internacional del capitalismo se está intensificando de manera extrema en los Estados Unidos, la patria del imperialismo mundial. La incertidumbre… Read more »

The situation in the United States

October 26, 2020

International Secretary for the U.S. FSP Stephen Durham offers FSP’s analysis of the multiple emergencies hitting working people today.

Low-wage workers rebel against abuse

June 2020

Essential and angry! Overwhelmed workers, most of them underpaid women, immigrants and people of color, are bringing unions and communities together in protest.

Bailouts rob the public to give to the rich

June 2020

“The bipartisan idea of ‘the economy’ is Wall Street. But that’s not the real-life economy of poor and working folks who need rent money, food, healthcare, education, and safe workplaces.”

Take that, Amazon! Sawant wins again

December 2019

Seattle voters said “Hell no!” to red-baiting billionaires, and defeated five of the seven Amazon-backed candidates for City Council! Up-front socialist Kshama Savant was especially targeted — and won.