Notes from the anti-fascist front

December 2020

Jared Houston tells of Seattle anti-fascists traveling to Portland to help build rallies, car caravans and pickets that out-organized and outnumbered the Proud Boys. We showed that “uniting all the targets of bigots is the key to success.”

Mega victory by Greek Anti-Fascists

December 2020

Massive protests exploded when officials did nothing after the fascist Golden Dawn group was finally convicted in October. The government then charge GD with murder and kicked it out of the Parliament.

Queer Youth Conference Resists Homophobia And Fascism

Summer/Autumn 1998

My participation in the 13th Annual International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organisation (IGLYO) Conference in Pisa, Italy [27 July – 3 August 1997] was a unique experience. It was the first time any delegate from Australia had been accepted to attend an IGLYO conference, and the first time a representative from any bisexual organisation in the world took part.