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On burying the Master Race ideology forever

July 1993

Guerry Hoddersen reflects on a 1993 conference in tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement held on the 25th anniversary of his assassination.

Dateline Australia: Nazi scum on the run in Brunswick

June 1994

In March, two huge rallies in a workingclass, multi-racial suburb of Melbourne thoroughly humiliated peddlers of white power ambitious to establish a base there. A band of Hitlerites called National Action (NA) is stepping up activity in Brunswick. But when they announced a plan to rally during a multicultural street party, diverse forces came together… Read more »

Fascist chic: “respectable” heirs of Mussolini elected to office in Italy

October 1994

Economic crisis in Italy has transformed Benito Mussolini’s legacy from historical nightmare into present-day reality in the streets and in parliament. This March, billionaire media mogul Silvio Berlusconi led a three-party coalition to victory in the national elections, bringing Italy its first ultra-right government since the end of World War II. The amalgam is made… Read more »

Nazi militias down home

July 1995

The April bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building brought to light a shadowy group: the some 15,000 members of U.S. militias. However, the media is burying much of the real story.To hear them tell it, the militias are bad for two reasons: they hate the federal government, and they’re violent. What they do not… Read more »

Anti-fascists nail Nazi thug in court

January 1997

CHAULK ONE UP FOR THE FORCES of justice and enlightenment. In October, white supremacist George Kelley Jr. was found guilty of malicious mischief, fined $200, and ordered to pay restitution for a camera he destroyed during a confrontation last summer between Ku Klux Klansmen and anti-Nazi demonstrators in Auburn, Washington. On June 15, Kelley was… Read more »

London antifascist conference sabotaged by sectarian politics of its organizers

January 1998

Along with other questions, the registration form for the International Militant Anti-Fascism Conference in London in October asked if participants wanted to play football. Once I arrived, therefore, I wasn’t surprised when the convening group, Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), turned out to be almost entirely male (not that women can’t be gridiron contenders!) But I was… Read more »

Needed: united front to defeat Nazi menace in British Columbia

January 1998

On a balmy evening in November 1997, two men sitting in Vancouver’s Stanley Park were approached by five skinheads wearing bomber jackets decorated with Canadian flags and “white power” insignia. After bumming a cigarette and a light from one of the sitting men, one of the skinheads asked if the two were “fags.” No, the… Read more »

Fascists retaliate against anti-Nazi organizers

January 1999

In the early hours of December 1 in Moscow, Idaho, Lori Graves awoke to a blaze on her front porch and a cross burning on her lawn. A note warned her to stay out of neighboring Coeur d’Alene, where she and 500 others had rallied against an Aryan Nations parade in July. Calling her a… Read more »

Impeachment spotlight exposes vile Klan influence in Congress

April 1999

After his acquittal on February 12 on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors, President Bill Clinton called for “reconciliation and renewal,” and other politicians and the big media struck the same hopeful note. Democratic Senator Tom Daschle extended his arm across the partisan aisle to shake hands with Republican Senator Trent Lott. Time magazine declared… Read more »