VIDEO: Stand Up to Fascist Creeps

Feminist writer Guerry Hoddersen, a founder of United Front Against Fascism, discusses the resistance to ultra-right mayhem in the Northwest during the 1980s and ‘90s.

Today’s anarchists

April 2021

Anarchists are out organizing, from fighting fascists to demanding an end to police violence. What do they stand for and where are they leading the movements?

Philippine despot: “kill all communists”

April 2021

After at least nine Filipino dissidents were executed in March, thousands marched and burned the far-right president’s effigy the next day – International Women’s Day.

We need a multiracial movement

January 25, 2021

The ruling class and the far right both want us divided and at each other’s throats on the basis of race, gender, and more. We say no.

Sólo los trabajadores pueden neutralizar a los fascistas

Febrero de 2021

El ataque al Capitolio el 6 de enero por parte de una multitud enfurecida de extrema derecha, incitada por Donald Trump, fue un momento decisivo en la historia de Estados Unidos. Fue algo sin precedentes y especialmente escalofriante. Quizás lo más importante, sin embargo, fue que puso de manifiesto dramáticamente la necesidad de que los… Read more »