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Pronunciamiento del CRIR sobre las maifestaciones masivas en Honduras y Argentina

26 de diciembre 2017

En las últimas semanas, los pueblos de Honduras y Argentina han sacudido al capitalismo de sus países. En Honduras, hemos presenciado una masiva irrupción contra un fraude electoral en sus últimas elecciones presidenciales. En Argentina, un ataque a las pensiones de los jubilados también ha sido rechazado de forma resuelta en las calles. Por un… Read more »

A call to unionists: Stand together against far-right attacks on workers

January 2017

Across the world, the far right and neo-Nazis are not only active in the streets. They are entering parliamentary politics. In Australia, Pauline Hanson’s extreme-right One Nation Party (ONP) made a comeback after 20 years, winning four Senate seats in the 2016 federal election. ONP is now seriously preparing for state elections in Queensland, Western… Read more »

We need to act as ONE to stop the fascist threat

January 2017

For nearly two years, consistent anti-fascist organising has thwarted neo-Nazis’ efforts to build a movement. In Australia, they remain isolated, splintered and weak. Two recent events show the impact of tenacious, well-organised resistance. In late November, at short notice, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and No Room for Racism mobilised Melburnians against a rally planned… Read more »

Build the movement to stop the far right: Phillip Galea and the fascist danger

October 2016

When Victorian and federal police raided the home of Phillip Galea in August and charged him with planning a terrorist act, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) issued the following statement. Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women helped form CARF, which quickly evolved into an important united front of organisations and individuals fighting an emerging… Read more »