Syria’s ruin at the hands of capital

December 2016

We live in times so poverty stricken, turbulent, repressive and violent that the majority of people can hardly breathe. That’s why they’re rising up in every corner of the world. Syria’s insurrection, a proud part of the Arab Spring in 2011, is a breathtaking example. A people who had lived four decades under a deadly… Read more »

A slippery slope in choice for Defense

February 2017

Trump’s dangerous choice of General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense goes against a fundamental principle of U.S. democracy, limited as it is: civilian control of the military. The 1947 National Security Act requires Defense Secretaries to have been in civilian life for a significant number of years (formerly 10, now seven) if they have… Read more »

Open letter to Sue Kay Braun, United States Ambassador to Montenegro

September 9, 2013

By Marko Milačić, journalist at the Montenegrin weekly journal Monitor You are preparing for a new war – you and your superiors. The destroyed Libyan soil is not even cold yet from your bombs before you once again load the warships in the Mediterranean with Tomahawk missiles. Gaddafi’s blood has not yet even been washed… Read more »

The Obama administration: Itching for a new war on the Korean Peninsula?

April 12, 2013

If you read the newspaper or watch TV, you know that something dangerous is going on in the Korean Peninsula. You likely know that Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s young leader, tested a long range rocket in December and set off an underground nuclear bomb in February. Since then he’s been issuing threats to South Korea… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: Stop police and FBI raids against activists from the radical, Occupy and antiwar movements

July 13, 2012

The Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Women and the Durham-López 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee condemn the July 10 Seattle Police Department (SPD) raid on the home of radical activists affiliated with the Red Spark Collective and the Occupy Seattle movement. We demand that Mayor McGinn issue an immediate apology and call an inquiry as to why… Read more »

The mad US militarists and the innocent children of Kandahar

March 13, 2012

Statement by Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA) Early on Sunday morning March 11, a group of US Special Forces, based in Panjwaie district of Kandahar province of Afghanistan, madly attacked a village and opened fire on people, killing more than 16 civilians, including children and women, and seriously injuring eight others. Then the group… Read more »

New waves of countrywide anti-occupation resistance in Afghanistan

February 27, 2012

Statement by Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA) The anti-occupation resistance in Afghanistan is entering a new period of remarkable fighting against the aggressive and oppressive occupation of US/NATO forces. The recent bravely anti-US and NATO protests by millions of people, from East to West and North to South of Afghanistan, showed that anti-occupation sentiment… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women Petition Condemning the Recent FBI Raids Against Peace Activists and Radicals

October 5, 2010

Please sign this statement We, the undersigned, stand with U.S. political activists who are being labeled terrorist sympathizers by the Obama administration in violation of the right to freedom of speech and freedom of association. On September 24, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents brandishing guns broke into the homes and offices of solidarity activists… Read more »

Carta abierta al Presidente Barack Obama exigiendo fín a las guerras en Irak y Afganistán y el despliegue de militar estadounidense en Centro y Sur América y el Caribe

10 de agosto de 2010

This statement in English / Este declaracions en inglés Estimado Presidente Obama: Existe un creciente grito por parte del público, miembros del Congreso y los medios principales exigiendo “EEUU fuera de Irak y Afganistán”. Desde el mero principio, el Partido de Libertad Socialista y Mujeres Radicales han demandado un alto inmediato de estas dos guerras… Read more »