From the Archive

Just say NO to Zionism

February 2024

In a 1989 address that hits home hard today, FSP co-founder and Jewish socialist Clara Fraser urges Jews to face the truth about Israel.

Class: The Power That Heals

April 2023

Celebrating the centennial birthday of the late FSP co-founder Clara Fraser this year, we reprint her hope-inspiring 1994 tribute to solidarity.

Iran, women, and revolution

As the women of Iran rise up once again, these stories from the Freedom Socialist archives are more relevant than ever.

One Guatemalan woman’s saga of exile

June 2022

Originally published in 2012, this moving story of an undocumented mother’s harsh life and fightback in the U.S. is deeply relevant here and now.

Revenge of the wronged

August 2021

Clara Fraser speaks out against mainstream politicians normalizing fascist ideas — and what can be done about it.

Ecosocialism vs. “green” capitalism

December 2020

On Earth Day 2024, it’s clear that mega-capitalists like Elon Musk, with his troubled Tesla empire, won’t stave off environmental catastrophe. What can?