From the Archive

Flood politics under capitalism

December 2018

From 2018, an exploration of the relationship between poverty and the harm caused by storm floods related to climate change.

Dividing in hopes of conquering

October 2018

From 2018, an article that provides background and context for the Supreme Court’s shameful recent ruling on affirmative action.

Where Matters Stand With Me

October 1, 1978

Newly translated into Spanish, this rousing 1978 piece by Radical Women co-founder and longtime Freedom Socialist Party leader Gloria Martin is a testament to the logic of socialism plus feminism.

Mi manifiesto

October 1, 1978

Publicado originalmente en el “Boletín de debate de la Pre-Conferencia del Comité para un Partido Socialista Revolucionario (CRSP por sus siglas en inglés)”, por la cofundadora de Mujeres Radicales, Gloria… Read more »

Viva la Raza!

Summer 1977

On the 50th anniversary of the walkouts by 10,000 overwhelmingly Chicana/o high-schoolers in Los Angeles, celebrate the Chicano movement with this 1977 editorial in English and Spanish from the Freedom Socialist archives.

Asian Americans: Scapegoats for a nation in crisis

Winter 1983

From 1983, an in-depth look at the history of anti-Asian bigotry in the U.S. and the damage caused not only to the people directly victimized but to the working class as a whole.