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Is Iran next for US shock and awe?

February 2012

This 2012 article discusses the underlying causes for U.S.-Iran hostilities, the triggers for protest within Iran, and the still-crucial need for a sustained U.S. anti-war movement.

Besieged public workers key to labor’s fate

August 2013

This 2013 article has a lot to say about the importance of public workers and the services they provide – a timely reminder with Oakland city workers on strike this week.

Oppressions: The Capitalist Connection and the Socialist Solution

April 1989

I like the title of this conference,“Parallels and Intersections: Racism and Other Forms of Oppression.” It hints at what I believe: that since we have many forms of oppression, there must be a shared cause and reason for them all—an underlying, cardinal reality, some hidden essence and inner connection between all these various manifestations. What… Read more »