Clinic defenders take on the ultra-right

October 2018

Critical lessons learned: Build a united, multi-pronged response to fascist rallies. Don’t talk to the FBI. Stand up to police abuse.

FSP Solidarity Statement to the February 27, 2015 TPR rally calling for the recall of U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet

February 27, 2015

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. stands in solidarity with the protest organized by TPR at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. We support the demand that U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet immediately cease interfering in internal Argentine affairs by meeting with representatives of right wing organizations in an effort to capitalize on the current government crisis… Read more »

No reliance on the FBI: Community defense of abortion rights

Summer 1985

As harassment and violence against abortion clinics accelerate, it’s clear that an aggressive feminist response to the anti-abortion forces is urgently needed. The “pro-life” terrorists must be stopped before they strip us of our constitutional rights. The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women support the National Organization for Women’s call for a national campaign in… Read more »

What to do if the FBI comes knocking

December 2010

Residents of the U.S. have the right to freedom of association and to organize without government interference. But the FBI routinely stomps on the Constitution in its rush to intimidate and harass activists. Being prepared to assert your rights is half the battle when facing down agents of government repression. The other half is to… Read more »

The Latest: Updates on causes and controversies

February 2011

FBI widens witch-hunt Following the September raids on anti-war and solidarity activists, many of them socialists and labor organizers, awareness and anger are now building as the FBI and Obama administration broaden their dragnet. To date, the FBI has subpoenaed 23 people in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan to appear before grand juries. So far, all… Read more »