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Global solidarity expressed for Putin opponents in Russia

February 2013

The bureaucrats of the USSR have become the capitalist politicians of Russia as its presidents, from Boris Yeltsin to Vladimir Putin, installed a corrupt political system and a profoundly inequitable society. However, the workers and young people of Russia have begun to fight back by building a strong opposition movement. It is a clear indication… Read more »

FS Book Review: Searing memoir recounts courage, tragedy of Panthers

February 2013

Aaron Dixon’s memoir of the Black Panther Party shows the BPP’s exhilarating, meteoric rise, then its excruciating degeneration after the government’s bloody campaign of assassinations, frame-ups and dirty tricks. It spans the period from the party’s emergence as a nationwide mass revolutionary organization after the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. to its tragic… Read more »

Freedom Socialist newspaper — Letters to the editor

February 2013

UNFAIR TO LABOR Boycott Whole Foods Just to let you know that Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS) in Seattle has declared a boycott against Whole Foods, the Wal-Mart of organic/natural foods. Their main supplier, United Natural Food, Inc. (UNFI), has spent the last year bargaining in bad faith with their Teamster employees at its… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Political prisoner Sundiata Acoli needs your help

February 2013

It took the New Jersey parole board only minutes to deny Sundiata Acoli’s latest attempt at parole. That’s because he’s a Black political prisoner who has stuck to his principles — not because he’s a mortal danger to society. Acoli, a mathematician and computer worker, launched into social justice activism immediately after the murder of… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — Bradley Manning: “A clear conscience”

April 2013

Anyone who stands up to racism or sexism on the job quickly finds out management cares little about whether these prejudices prowl the workplace. But they are ready to demonize the individual who exposes it. Such was the case when Bradley Manning downloaded the U.S. government’s dirty laundry to Wikileaks. The military threw him in… Read more »

Mothers honored with action in Seattle

June 2013

In Seattle over 200 people celebrate Mother’s Day with balloons, facepaint and a message. Rally demands included publicly funded childcare for poor and working families, expanded social services, ending the deportation of immigrants, stopping domestic violence and freeing abuse survivor Marissa Alexander.