Police killings

Todo apoio à luta do povo colombiano!

20 de maio de 2021

Trabalhadores e jovens colombianos estão nas ruas lutando contra os ataques do presidente Iván Duque e exigindo a prisão dos assassinos e responsáveis ​​pelas mais de 35 mortes nos protestos… Read more »

All support to the struggle of the Colombian people!

May 20, 2021

Colombian workers and youth are fighting against the attacks of President Ivan Duque and those responsible for the more than 35 deaths in the mass protests that have been occurring since April 28.

Nigerian fury at naked police violence

December 2020

Huge anti-government protests have rocked Africa’s most populous nation over its notorious police group, SARS, with protests erupting in support in the U.S. and England.

Stand up to fascist rally in Portland Sept. 26

The fight for racial justice and social change has become even more crucial following the appalling grand jury decision on Sept. 23 that let the police who murdered Breonna Taylor off the hook.