police state

Thousands march in Seattle to denounce white supremacists

August 15, 2017

When Seattle anti-fascists of many political persuasions massed to protest a “Patriot Prayer” rally on Aug. 13, police prevented them from marching to the site of the far-right gathering. But they made their message heard regardless.

The Big Apple bites back

February 2017

Feb. 2, New York City: Yemeni-American bodega strike to protest Trump’s travel ban. Recent demonstrations against Trump’s immigration policies prove that New York, a city of immigrants, is not to be messed with. Thousands have poured out to protest “President Agent Orange” in demonstrations across the city, including a powerful bodega (read, convenience store) shutdown… Read more »

NYC police review campaign on the move

April 2017

The campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board over police is at an exciting, pivotal point. Members have just voted up draft legislation and are developing a strategy around bringing it to the City Council. This involves meticulous research into the political backgrounds and voting histories of council people who may be sympathetic to the… Read more »

Pressure builds for police accountability in NYC

October 27, 2016

Together with other fighters for justice, the Freedom Socialist Party in New York City continues to grow the campaign for police accountability with an elected civilian review board. A September general meeting in Harlem brought more people than ever before, who had heard about the campaign in places as various as Facebook and a church… Read more »

En México, los Balazos Contra los Maestros Disidentes Encienden el Enojo Público

August 2016

La lucha de clases en México está al rojo vivo. Los maestros están al frente de una lucha masiva en contra de la devastación neoliberal a través de privatizaciones, agresiones sindicales y violación del medio ambiente. La resistencia abarca el hemisferio dese México a Guatemala y hasta Argentina. Los docentes mexicanos han estado peleando en… Read more »