police state

Fighting spirit shines at post-election forums

February 2017

Activists and organizers from every social justice movement were stunned by the election of right-wing billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Angry demonstrations tens of thousands strong filled streets in cities and towns across the country and the world. In December the Freedom Socialist Party sponsored forums in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and… Read more »

New legislative push to criminalize protest

April 2017

During a moment in history when thousands of people are cascading into the streets to oppose the system, 19 state legislatures want to make doing so a crime. Panicked lawmakers, who first witnessed the public outrage after Ferguson and Standing Rock and then the Trump machine, want to ban demonstrations. And keep “disrupters” far away… Read more »

Criminalization of Protest: Mexican Unionist Facing Prison Term

December 15, 2015

Serious federal charges and an arrest warrant have been issued against the socialist and teachers union leader, Heriberto Magariño, for his participation in last June’s election day labor and community mobilizations in Oaxaca against proposed neo-liberal educational reforms. He was jailed on June 7, 2015 with other union activists but freed the following day after… Read more »

May Day Arrests Target National Liberation Movement

Winter/Spring 2007

On May Day, two Australian citizens were arrested and charged with the vague, yet frightening, charge of supporting a terrorist organisation — the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE). This is despite the LTTE not being proscribed as a terrorist organisation in either Australia or Sri Lanka! The Melbourne men — Aruran Vinayagamoorthy and Sivarajah… Read more »

Terror laws: Mass action needed to defeat Howard’s police state

Summer/Autumn 2006

A few days ago I had a conversation with an activist from the Chilean community. At one point he said, “under Pinochet (the former dictator), we had these laws, but then it was a dictatorship.” Then, with only a slight hint of irony, he asked, “how can laws like these be passed in a democracy?”… Read more »

Get Big Brother out of the workplace

Summer/Autumn 2005

Three years ago an unlikely group rebelled over monitoring in their workplace. Federal judges working at the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco expressed their outrage about the loss of privacy resulting from the introduction of computer monitoring. They disabled the software installed by the Administrative Office of the Courts, arguing… Read more »