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Updates: Mumi Abu-Jamal, Rasmea Odeh, Marissa Alexander

April 2015

Silence Mumia Abu-Jamal? Never! “Social change and social transformation form the raison d’etre of Goddard.” Mumia Abu-Jamal spoke these revolutionary words by phone from his prison cell during his commencement speech to Goddard College on Oct. 4, 2014. Abu-Jamal, a renowned journalist skilled at exposing crimes of the U.S. “justice” system, was framed for the… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor, June 2015

June 2015

MUMIA VERY ILL Public pressure needed to save his life! (Excerpts from an email from freemumia.com.) On Saturday, May 2, Pam Africa and Abdul Jon visited Mumia Abu-Jamal at SCI Mahanoy. He was weak, stable, alert and still in the infirmary. Mumia’s attorney Bret Grote of the Abolitionist Law Center submitted an expert medical recommendation… Read more »

Encuentro con Comandante Nestora Salgado

August 2015

A Nestora Salgado se le encarceló bajo falsas acusaciones y se le ha maltratado severamente desde agosto de 2013. Se puso en huelga de hambre, lo cual consiguió que les hicieran concesiones a ella y a los demás prisioneros políticos. Cuauhtémoc Ruiz, miembro del Comité Nestora Libre de México y del Partido Obrero Socialista nos… Read more »

A visit with Comandante Nestora Salgado after her hunger strike

August 2015

Nestora Salgado has been jailed on false charges and severely mistreated since August 2013. She led a hunger strike that forced concessions for her and fellow political prisoners. Cuauthémoc Ruíz, a member of the Comité Nestora Libre, Mexico, and the Partido Obrero Socialista, gives this account of his recent visit. On Sunday, June 21, I… Read more »

Nestora Salgado fasts for freedom, inspires defiance across Mexico

October 2015

“Nestora Salgado’s name has become a symbol of resistance for many women struggling … against patriarchal violence and for indigenous communities,” said R. Aída Hernández Castillo in the Mexican daily La Jornada in August. But the state sees her only as a threat. Aug. 21 marked the two-year anniversary of her imprisonment on false charges,… Read more »

Prison neglect jeopardizes life of Mumia Abu-Jamal

October 2015

Although political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is free of his death sentence, he still suffers under life in prison without parole. And the legal system is still trying to kill his eloquent radical voice for justice and prisoners’ rights. In 2014, when Mumia gave a recorded commencement speech for Goddard College, his alma mater, Pennsylvania lawmakers… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor — October 2015

October 2015

RASMEA ODEH Support her appeal Show your support for Palestinian rights activist and political prisoner Rasmea Odeh at a rally in front of the courthouse on Wednesday, October 14, and then fill the courtroom immediately thereafter. Rasmea’s defense and the prosecution each present their oral arguments to a three judge panel of the U.S. Court… Read more »

Solidarity grows as Rasmea Odeh awaits appeal result

December 2015

In October 2015 in Cincinnati, the defense team of Palestinian-American community leader Rasmea Odeh argued her case in the U.S. Court of Appeals. A decision was expected in one to three months. Odeh was convicted on trumped-up charges of falsifying answers on her immigration application over a decade ago and sentenced in March to 18… Read more »