The opioid crisis

August 2019

Big Pharma is not the solution — it helped create the problem. Steven Strauss, M.D., explains what’s needed and possible for both pain relief and addiction.

Poverty by design

December 2018

Why worker’s paychecks can’t pay the bills — in the richest country in the world.

Amazon’s sweatshop culture

October 2018

Interviews with Somali warehouse employees in Minnesota and reports from factories in Europe reveal brutal conditions and angry workforces.

Big business 1, homeless 0

August 2018

Amazon led the crusade to kill a progressive “head tax” in Seattle, designed to alleviate the city’s homeless crisis.

Public Liability Crisis: Insurance for profit is a fraud on society

Winter/Spring 2002

Rural doctors afraid to practise, private midwives barred from delivering babies, tourist operators forced out of business, houses standing half built, sport and not-for-profit activities suspended as insurance premiums increase by up to 1500%. For many working people, small businesses and communities, the withdrawal of insurance cover is having dire consequences. There is certainly a… Read more »