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Medicare for All: answer to US healthcare woes?

April 2019

A radical Doctor of Medicine explains the two proposals, what they do and don’t do, describes the “rumpus among the Democrats” and says what’s really needed.

French Yellow Vest protests spread

February 2019

The massive protest that is boiling over into other countries needs anti-capitalist politics to fulfill its promise.

Poverty by design

December 2018

Why worker’s paychecks can’t pay the bills — in the richest country in the world.

Trump’s NAFTA publicity stunt

October 2018

While endlessly covering Trump’s false NAFTA-supplanting deal with Mexico at the end of August, the U.S. press avoided reporting on how very bad any free trade agreement is for the working class.

Big business 1, homeless 0

August 2018

Amazon led the crusade to kill a progressive “head tax” in Seattle, designed to alleviate the city’s homeless crisis.